11 Viral Bedroom Color Combinations For The New Year

bedroom set with guitar laying next to bed

You’ve finally decided that it’s time to upgrade your bedroom. It’s almost the new year, so out with the old and in with the new! But what kind of new are you picturing, and where do you start? Well, you start with the most fun part: Color! 

Deciding on your color palette will set the mood and shape the tone you want to set for your bedroom. The colors and attitude of your paradise should make you want to dive into your bed covers and stay there. Now, let’s jump in and set you up for success in creating a private getaway right at home.


Champagne and Lavender

White walls are common in most homes. This can turn boring fast. Adding some colors like champagne and lavender will pair well and can send the message of calm relaxation with some modest luxury. Pick out some lavender bed sheets and a pale champagne duvet cover, and you’ll be ready to throw yourself into bed once you hit the threshold.


Pale Yellow and Periwinkle Blue

If you want your room to express peace and happiness, pale yellow and periwinkle blue are your colors. These colors give off cheerful vibes in waves. If you’re not sure how to execute these colors in your space, start by grabbing a bucket of soft yellow paint for an accent wall, looking at some pale yellow sheet sets, a white waffle duvet cover, and a fun periwinkle blue lounge chair to make your room pop and pull it all together.


Burnt Orange and Gray

Are soft colors not filling you with excitement? Try this bold color combination. Burnt orange and grey add excitement to your space while making you feel warm and fuzzy inside. These intense colors are a great combination if you want to feel like you are being wrapped up in a sunny oasis. A bold burnt orange wall and grey textured bedding will have you smiling ear to ear at the results.


Earth Tones

Earth tones will have you letting go of the stress from the day and grabbing hold of warmth and comfort. Moss green walls, light-colored artwork, and a rustic bedside table will free your nature-filled heart and help you get a good night’s sleep. If a deep moss green is too bold for your liking, replacing it with a sage shade is an easy way to lighten your space.


Turmeric and Peach

Another fun, bold color combination is turmeric and peach. This pop of warm color adds beautiful sunset vibes to any space. Turmeric linen duvet colors, peach bed sheets and pillow shams, some greenery, and a large white woven rug give the aura of a warm Arizona sunset right at home.


By now, you should be starting to get the gist of how to implement some color combinations into your space. Don’t underestimate the power of a great color combination. When implementing colors, it’s not just about the big statement pieces. Small details and added accents will pull the room together and make it cohesive. 


Oatmeal and Sage

Probably one of the most popular color combinations is oatmeal and sage. They add tranquility to any room and maintain their timeless charm. These soft hues, paired with some greenery and light-colored walls, will have you relaxed in no time.


Olive Green, Black, and White

Black and white have always been a timeless and classy pair. Throw in some olive-green walls, and you’ve got a classic hit and a big pop of color. Have fun with it, and add a funky patterned black and white headboard or duvet bedding set to make it unique.


Light Grey and Cream

Let’s talk about this modern and serene color combination. Light-colored walls with a plush rug and some strategically placed metallics will make your bedroom the star of your home. This light and simple color combination should not go unnoticed. With this hit color duo, you will get a restful night’s sleep in no time.

Black, Burgundy, and Camel

Wanting to make a statement? Black, burgundy, and camel shout high-end luxury and sophistication. Flood those walls with black paint to make this daring color scheme stand out. Incorporate some burgundy accents and animal print, and there you have it – a unique and exotic room to call your own.


Purple, Red, and Taupe

Another out-of-the-ordinary, eye-catching color combination is purple, red, and taupe. Deep purple walls and a red patterned decorative blanket will give the room a rich, moody vibe. Incorporating a quality taupe bed cover will create an inviting and comfortable feel.  


Pewter and Peach

Pewter and peach are such a fun and happy color combination. A pewter closet, bed, and window framing paired with cream-colored linens and walls will give a nice contrast to peach curtains and throw pillows. This welcoming color combination implements some color without taking it too far.


Hunter Green, Brown, and Ivory

If you have a room with lots of natural light, this color combo may be for you. These deep shades give off a masculine feel while also providing just the right amount of femininity. Deep hunter-green walls, ivory linens, and rich brown tones scattered throughout the room will have you feeling high-end and classy.


Your bedroom is the private space that should be a reflection of you. It should be your place of comfort, peace, and tranquility. The color combinations we went over are just a few of the popular color combinations today. They are there to provide inspiration and guidance, but at the end of the day, your bedroom should have a combination of whatever colors you like, regardless of their popularity.

A large percentage of the population associate color with emotion and meaning. If that thought intrigues you, use color to add meaning to your space. Here is a list of colors and their associations:

  • Red- love, desire, heat, and passion
  • Pink- romance, tenderness, and love
  • Beige and ivory- calm, simplicity, and unification
  • Yellow- happiness, optimism, joy, sunshine, and friendship
  • Blue- peace, tranquility, harmony, and sophistication
  • Purple- royalty, spirituality, honor, and enlightenment.
  • Lavender- grace and elegance
  • Orange- Energy, warmth, and balance
  • Green- nature, good luck, and renewal
  • Brown- Earth, comfort, hearth, and endurance
  • Gray- modesty, dignity, and maturity
  • White- purity, peace, innocence, and cleanliness
  • Black- power, mystery, depth, and sophistication


map book with coffee on it laying on top of a bed

Color is known to elicit emotion. We associate warm colors with comfort and warmth and cool colors with calmness. Try different color combinations till you get the feel you desire. Get crazy and creative with it, have fun, and make your room a reflection of your inner self.

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