Create A Shabby Chic Bedroom Design

Myosotis Scorpioides Duvet


The shabby chic style is very appealing in a bedroom, because it’s rustic, feminine, and simple. It is also one of the least expensive styles to create in the bedroom, because it relies on re-purposed or worn furniture. Follow these tips to create an inviting shabby chic bedroom you’ll love to spend hours in whenever you need to rest or unwind.


Choose Pale Pastels

Choosing pale pastels adds playfulness and interest. Create a calming ambiance with colors such as dusty rose, soft coral, mint, dug egg blue, sky blue, champagne, lilac, or grey. Alternatively, go with white or cream, and then add subtle touches of pattern, texture, and color throughout the room.


Create a Soft, Inviting Bed

The simplest way to start a shabby chic design is by choosing your bedding first. Creating a tranquil space includes balancing pattern against plain. Adding too many patterns creates chaos instead of a relaxing sanctuary. Choose either one of these two ways to approach the room. Use neutrals on the walls, curtains, and carpet against patterned bed linens. Dainty florals such as the Briteyarn Sweetbrier Print duvet cover and shams are a perfect choice. Layer the bedding by using sheets in a reversed pattern or plain color to add depth to your bed design. Alternatively, use plain-colored bed linens against bright accessories or bold, floral wallpaper. The Southshore Basics duvet set is an excellent choice for white, cream, grey, or sky blue linens and you can buy matching or pastel colored sheets too. Don’t forget to add a soft, cozy bed throw and a few decorative pillows to finish the look. Natural and woven textures are especially important if you decide on a white or cream room. Keep window coverings light and feminine and use a roller blind when you need to darken the room.


Use Time-Worn Furniture

Creating a shabby chic bedroom should be fun. If you’re the do-it-yourself type, visit thrift stores, salvage yards, auctions, and yard sales to find far-from-perfect furniture. The piece may already have dents and scratches, but that just adds to its charm. It’s not hard to transform a newer piece of furniture or one in reasonable shape into an attractive shabby chic addition for your bedroom either. Find a piece you like, and follow an online tutorial about distressed furniture painting to show you how it’s done. Add a few vintage knobs and voila! Try to stick to a single color when you paint or choose furniture, and limit the decoration on all but one piece. Shabby chic bedrooms can become busy quickly if you add too much filigree. A single color on all furniture unites the room and makes it look more spacious and airy. Alternatively, you can buy shabby chic furniture in many shops or online, but you will pay more. If you’re planning on buying a new bed, consider a four-poster or antique iron. Either is an ideal addition to a shabby chic bedroom.


Add Vintage Accessories

Lighting is always important in a bedroom, but you needn’t spend a fortune when you go shabby chic. You can buy an old lamp from a thrift store, paint it and dress the shade. Once again, you can find many tutorials online. Crystal chandeliers and bedside lamps work well too. Finish your shabby chic bedroom with a vintage mirror, frosted glass makeup jars, old perfume bottles, a distressed jewelry box, or a flower vase with a few silk flowers. Don’t forget a rug, especially if you have wood floors.