Bed Skirts

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Bed Skirts

Looking for the Best Bed Skirt Online?

Browse our beautiful bed skirts to get a designer bedroom for an affordable price! All of our bedding skirts are 15 inches, designed for a traditional mattress and box spring set. They stylishly hide under-the-bed storage and unsightly box springs and legs, providing the finishing touch needed for an elegant, complete look.

At SouthShore Fine Linens we promise we have the best bed skirt for your bed, with a collection coming in 18 colors to fit twin, full, queen, king and California king-sized beds.

Complement or Contrast Your Bedding

Our bedding skirts are part of our extensive Vilano Springs line. And you don’t need to match your bedding unless that’s the look you love! You can just as easily complement or contrast your Vilano Springs bed skirt with your existing comforter, quilt, or duvet cover, or choose a new one from the Vilano Springs line.

Tailored to Perfection

Bed skirts come in many styles, but few are as polished and stylish as our Vilano Springs box-pleated design. They’re well-suited to modern, minimalist and casual bedrooms, since they feature very clean lines and luxury fabrics.

With box pleats in the corners and intermediate pleats in the center of the length and width, our bed skirts will never sag. The pleating also retains the bed skirt’s flat profile, even after laundering.

Bed Skirts Reduce Dust & Eliminate Drafts

Bed skirts are also known as dust skirts, for good reason! They reduce the number of dust bunnies that can accumulate under your bed, and, eliminate drafts that chill your feet.

Easy to Launder

If your bed skirt needs refreshing, simply remove it and wash it with your bed sheets following the manufacturer’s instructions. All colors will remain vibrant, while the fabric stays durable, too.

Our 110 GSM microfiber does not require fabric softener or ironing, and dries quickly. It has never been easier to keep your bedroom fresh and clean when you choose a Vilano Springs bed skirt!

Incredible Affordability

Why ignore the lower part of your bed, when you can create a designer look so affordably? Southshore Fine Linens’ bed skirts cost less than $15, but offer a priceless finish. They’re so affordable you may want to buy a few to switch up the look of your bedroom each time you do laundry or want to give your bed a makeover. Bed skirts take up little storage space when they’re not on your bed, and provide amazing versatility at an affordable price.

Microfiber bedskirts are also a stylish and practical solution for hiding under-bed storage. The 14-inch drop provides ample coverage, hiding unsightly under-bed boxes and containers, while the sleek and modern design adds a touch of sophistication to your bedroom.

Quality & Comfort Guaranteed

Southshore Fine Linens offers a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee on all products, along with personalized customer service. With so many colors and styles available in the Vilano Springs line, you can’t go wrong. Adding a bed skirt is the final touch to complete your luxury-style bedroom--discover the difference a bed skirt can make for your bed today!