Products Needed For A Good Night's Sleep

Nothing is more tiresome than a night of restless sleeping. Whether you had coffee the night before and forgot the caffeine would kick in at random hours of the night, maybe you pulled an all nighter because you thought procrastinating was the better alternative, the list goes on and on with all the different mishaps that can set you back for the following day. All in all, sleep is needed to function for any day-to-day activity; did you know that humans spend 1/3 of their lives sleeping? Yeah, neither did I, so now that I have your attention on the complexities of sleep, why don't we find a solution to help aid you for a better night's sleep.

One thing that most people enjoy is waking up to the morning light that peers through the curtains, I, unfortunately, am not one of those individuals; truth be told, having the sun's light glaring at me truly puts me in a bad mood, I don't know about you but I get so hot as a result. My suggestion to handle this minor issue is a soft and plush eye mask and if they come with an adjustable strap even better, no one is looking to wake up with a headache due to a tight headband strap but aside from that they're soft and comfortable, and if you're acne-prone I suggest going with a silk eye mask to help keep that under control; keep in mind, although silk eye masks are soft to the skin, they may oppress your eyes, meaning the cushion itself is pressing up against your eyes, making it somewhat of an issue, I recommend an eye mask that offers a memory foam for added comfort and zero pressure around your eyes and a 3D design that gives your eyes the room needed for space and free eye movement, and the MZOO Sleep Eye Mask is the ideal eye mask and it is an Amazon's Choice.

 Woman in Pajamas and Eye Mask lying on Bed

What is restless leg syndrome? According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, it is an identified sleep disorder due to stress, anxiety, caffeine, poor sleeping habits, etc. These are some of the many causes of restless leg syndrome and honestly, it doesn't help when your body requires at least 8 hours and your legs are off doing the jitterbug at 2 AM. A possible solution that works for most is having a weighted comforter to add some needed heaviness to add some uniformity to our sleeping. Let's take it a step further and add a soft duvet to protect the comforter, all the while keeping it cleaner; might I suggest our Bamboo Duvet Cover set? Not only is the quality cool and breathable but it is also soft to the touch, the thread count is about 300, making it the perfect balance of quality and weight! This luxury

bedding set comes in a variety of colors, my favorite being the Steel Grey. Detailed stitching, style, and design, this grey bedding set is full of character that will not only bring some vibrancy to your bedroom but you'll also receive optimum comfort that will assist in those unneeded dance moves as you try to sleep. Who doesn't want oversized cozy bedding to add some major sleeping points?

 bamboo sheet sets



Traveling can be such an ordeal for the average person, especially when on a plane for hours and hours on end. We want to make sure we bring the right items to make our flights as convenient as possible; remember the eyemask I mentioned earlier? Make sure to bring a neck pillow to help you fall asleep faster on that plane ride. A good option for travel neck pillows would be the Ergonomic Travel Neck Pillow, voted as the best travel pillow of 2019 by SmarterTravel, it has a rotatable design to help you sleep in any given position, plush comfort with neck support, it's collapsable, making it easy for travel and storage, you won't be bothered by loud plane engines, baby cries, and uncomfortable and tight seats with this neck pillow as your go-to for long plane rides to catch those z’s. A neck pillow isn’t the only comfort item essential for air or land travel, why not cozy it up even further with an incredible plush oversized micro fleece blanket as well. I cannot go anywhere without a good blanket, especially Southshore’s oversized micro fleece blanket, its like being wrapped in a cloud of comfort.


 microfleece blanket in blue


There's nothing like the sweet sound of the ocean waves crashing on the shore or the light tapping of rain on a window to ease the spirit and calm the mind, right? What happens if you don't have access to the ocean or if you live in an area where rain doesn't come often? The solution to this snag is a good ol' white noise machine, or in this case, a white noise app. You could buy yourself a white noise machine or save yourself the space of having to place a bulky machine on a nightstand that can only hold very few items, so settling for your smart-phone is the obvious choice, given the many options to help with sleep but in this case, we will go with a white noise app. myNoise is an app available on iPhone products, Android products, and Alexa devices, this app features well over 200 background noises, both natural and calibrated, to help ease the mind and soothe you into a sleep so relaxing, even waking up for the most difficult of morning wakers will be nothing but a breeze. Although myNoise offers in-app purchases, it does have a free version that offers a variety of sounds; white noise, rain, bells, fan noise, as well as a time to turn off the sound and an alarm to help ease you into waking up.


 Woman reading book on the beach

“I think it is good that books still exist, but they do make me sleepy.” — Frank Zappa, The Real Frank Zappa Book. Nothing beats the feeling of picking up a good book, opening to the chapter to left off at, and smelling the paper from flipping a page over to the next. Unfortunately, most readers prefer something a little more lightweight and user-friendly, especially an all-in-one device with storage, giving the reader options to pick and choose from, whether it's a romantic novel or a self-help guide. eReaders are a great way to end the night and truly unwind, and a Kindle is a perfect device to give readers a bit of storytime before bed, given its light design, 300 PPI display, and adjustable brightness settings for maximum eye comfort.

  woman reading kindle

Sleep is essential, we've established that, so why not find the needed tools to assist in forming positive sleeping habits? If a good portion of our lives are spent sleeping, given the times we live in and how tools to help our sleeping are accessible, literally at our finger tips, we need to take every and any opportunity to fix our sleeping habits, it will aid us not only short-term but long-term as well.