How To Style Your Bedroom With Pops Of Color

When we think of bedrooms, we think of a haven, a dojo, a home within a home, a space we transformed to our liking to fit our needs and wants. As a reflection of who we are, I must admit that as an ever-growing adult, I realized how tedious and somewhat daunting it is to style our bedrooms a particular way that fits our individual aesthetic, ya know?

Pinterest, Tik-Tok, Etsy, all these websites and apps give us tips and tricks, secrets, hacks to mix and match, diversify, and create a one-of-kind bedroom that represents who we are, so I'm sure most of you are asking, "Where do I start?"

Well, that's where I come in to give you the tidbits of information needed to make that bedroom of yours the topic of conversation. 

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Let's start with the basics of styling a bedroom, and the first step to that is organization.

The heart of a bedroom lies in how clean and organized your room and scientifically speaking, a good day can be determined by how one feels when it comes to the cleanliness and organization of their bedroom. We all know that the start of a day can go either right or left, we must do our best to start on a good note for the day and clean up after ourselves; something as simple as making our beds can easily set the tone for the mornings and nothing feels better than leaving our bedrooms nice and tidy, especially when we return from a long day at work, a quick run, or vacation, and we see a uniformed room welcoming us, it's oh so satisfying. In psychological terms, dopamine is released from that satisfaction, boosting our moods and setting us up for the following day.


Layering and texturizing is the name of the game when it comes to our bedrooms and while we're adding, let's add some colors to this recipe.


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Now, some may call me crazy but the easiest way to start styling your bedroom is going with the ever-clean white bedsheets, a color so universal that matching it to any color or textile is a great way to start and build from there; not to mention how simple it is to wash, popping it in the washer with some detergent and little to no bleach to bring back its brilliance.

Now, what colors could we pair with white? Well, emerald green is one of many colors of 2022 that is causing an impact, the color itself signifies royalty and refinement, bringing elegance to a whole new level and while we're at it, adding tones of cocoa or cedars, shades of brown, will bring harmony and balance that will compliment that royal green, boosting that clean aesthetic of neutrals. 


Optimism is the word of the year, we want you to feel happiness, relief, and satisfaction with your bedroom colors, and yellow is a color that signifies joy.


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Some may perceive yellow as a "loud" color, incompatible due to its vivacious resonance but I'm here to tell you, it is possible and the results are pleasing; remember that royal green? We are going to go with a more demure green, a bit more rustic, like an olive green to go with that yellow; picture this, some textured yellow sheets to give some character to that bed, maybe some mustard-colored cotton pillowcases, with a soft olive green wall to tone down the yellow, just enough to bring some emphasis and culture to that bedroom. Let's remove the green and replace it with a color that never disappoints, and that color is blue, whether it be a navy blue as a base for the walls to give the yellow accents a more subtle pop, or a pastel blue to bring a sense of wonder and youth, blue is a definite choice when it comes to brightening your bedroom without exaggeration or loudness.


Textiles are great when wanting to add texture to your bedroom, whether it be a snug comforter or a long or wide area rug to amplify the size of your bedroom; side-note, mirrors are a great way to widen the space? Anyways, a great way to stylize your bedroom is a monochromatic look, "matchy matchy"; a specific shade of color that dictates the tone of rugs, curtains, bedsheets, etc., it'll help with the flow of your bedroom, it's a simple way to bring depth and uniformity as well as style and consistency.


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Headboards are perfect for bringing all textiles together, from a cushioned headboard to a quilted headboard, the combinations of pairing them accent pillows, rugs, curtains, bedsheets, and other bedroom accessories are almost infinite but don't get crazy, for the space within a bedroom is quite finite.


Many points and suggestions have been made, I'm hoping you, the reader, not only take the time to follow our suggestions but to dive deep into your sense of style when it comes to your bedroom.

Ask yourself this; What colors make me happy? What colors dampen my mood? What textiles truly feel fantastic to the touch? What color combination gives me a headache? Try not to overstimulate your senses with so many questions, practice makes perfect, and having a draft is a great way to start from the ground up and work your magic into finding the right color schemes and patterns to make your dream bedroom come to life.