Linen Closet Organization: 5 Tips and Tricks

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of organizing your linen closet? If so, you’re not alone. Linen closets can easily become cluttered and disheveled, prompting you to want to keep the door closed at all times. Follow these five tips for a more organized and functional linen closet that you’ll be proud of.


While decluttering is not a fun chore by any means, it’s necessary for an organized linen closet. Begin by emptying the closet removing all items. Dust and wipe down all of the shelves. Because decluttering can be time consuming, make sure you have a dedicated chunk of time set aside to go through the contents of the closet. Trash tattered or  ragged linens but be sure to set aside gently used linens that you’re no longer using to be donated to your local homeless or animal shelter.

Sort and Organize Linens

After you’ve disposed of or donated linens and other items that you’ll no longer be keeping it’s time to organize your linens into different categories such as towels, bed sheets, dining linens, and bathroom supplies. After you’ve organized items into separate categories you may also want to take it one step further by organizing linens by their size; such as grouping bed linens by king, queen, twin. This will make changing your sheets and bedding so much easier.

Utilize Storage Bins, Baskets and Over the Door Storage

When it comes to linen closet organization there are a lot of tools on the market to help you best organize your space. Storage bins and wire baskets are great for storing towels and other linens and can be easily labeled to make finding things a breeze. Over the door storage organizers are great for items that you might not otherwise have a place to store. Not only do storage tools keep your linens and supplies neat and tidy they also make your linen closet look aesthetically pleasing.

Strategically Place Items 

To make the best use of space you’ll want to be sure to neatly fold your linens and put items that you use most frequently in reach such as the middle shelf. Store items that you use less frequently such as bulky bedding on the top shelf of the closet. The bottom shelf of the linen closet is a great place to place your first aid kit and bathroom essentials such as toilet paper, cotton swabs, etc.

 Linens in closet

Stay On Top of Linen Closet Maintenance

Keeping up on your linen closet will make life a lot easier when it comes time for a good semiannual deep clean. You can do this by putting things back in their designated places and routinely tidying up by dusting and wiping shelves down. Maintain good airflow and place a box of baking soda to keep things smelling fresh. This will help prevent your linens from becoming stale. It is also recommended to remove and wash items in your linen closet every six months to ensure everything stays fresh and clean.