10 Best Chic DIY Headboards

diy dark wood headboard

Express Your Creativity With These Simple DIY Chic Headboard Ideas. 

  • You don’t have to be a  professional furniture designer – you just have to be yourself. 
  • You don’t have to be rich – you can style your bedroom on a limited budget.

We give you ideas so you can do it yourself and make the perfect headboard that fits your unique style.

Look around the house. Chances are you have materials available that can be repurposed and used to design a new headboard for your bedroom. Maybe there’s a piece of wood in the garage, unused wallpaper, or even a can of paint. Put them together to create a simple, refreshed look while saving money.

DIY Headboards Make the Perfect Focal Point of a Bedroom. 

A headboard ties in all the textures of a bedroom together. It can bring colors into focus to create a feeling or a mood. One of the best things about doing it yourself is that you can change it whenever you want. Change it as often as the seasons change. Utilize accent colors that match the feel of the time of year. Whatever your style, you can bring a new design element to your sleeping space.

  1. Fabric

So many choices here! Take a blanket or a new sheet, and drape it over your existing headboard. Tie ribbons on the sides. You can create a tufted headboard by fitting fabric and tacking it down with furniture pins you can find in any craft store. Get swatches of different textured fabrics to see which feels best.

  • Velvet is a soft texture with a luxurious feel.
  • Velour is soft but with a plusher nap than velvet.
  • Corduroy is thicker and comes in fine or wide wale
  • Silk is lightweight but requires special cleaning care.
  • Cotton: stretch jersey, muslin, gingham, jacquard, herringbone.
  1. Paint

A headboard can be something other than a stand-alone piece of furniture. You can paint the wall over your bed to “pop” with color. Even a bright pink or yellow can dramatically change the feel of a room. Or you could complement the colors in your room with a pattern. Use a stencil to create large or small letters. Create one word that speaks to you – believe, achieve, dream – or maybe your name. 

  1. Wood

There are all kinds of woods you can use for a headboard. We recommend choosing something lightweight like plywood so that you can lift it yourself and cut it easily with a small saw. Design ideas you can try are:

  • Country charm. Try a rustic piece of wood “as is” or stained to bring out the natural patterns in the wood. You can also wax and polish it for a shiny look.  
  • Find an old barn door, clean it up, hang it and add lights for practical accents.
  • Create a Beachwood vibe using a light ashy color scheme.  
  • You can find wood pallets that have been thrown out. These are great to repurpose into a headboard. Take them apart and try different ways of stacking them against the wall. 
  • Even old window shutters can make a great headboard! 


  1. Curtains 

Try hanging a curtain rod up on the wall behind your bed. Pick out your favorite curtains, hang them up, and voila! In less than an hour, you have a new look. You can even create a peek-a-boo look by hanging a small framed picture between the curtains. A sheer voile curtain can also be hung as a canopy over the bed.

  1. Mural 

There are expensive wall murals, of course, and they can be a bit time-consuming to hang just right in several pieces. You can also use self-stick decals to create unique wall art. Piece together objects for a 3-dimensional mural, such as attaching dried flowers or a star in the sky. Use removable adhesive tape so as not to damage the paint.

  1. Vintage Art

Scour garage sales for unusual pieces that speak to you, like a vintage art picture. Adorn it with lace edges. Make a collection of mini vintage art pieces arranged artistically (it doesn’t have to be perfect) as a showcase.

  1. Modern Art 

If clean lines are your thing, hang a piece of modern wall art. It can be striking and bold to match yourself. Try it without a frame for a minimalist look. 

  1. Metal 

Avoid a heavy metal piece, but repurposed light metal arranged in a unique way can add a funky or fresh twist. You can use spray paint to create a new metallic sheen or ombre effect on the piece. Hang tiny fairy lights on it to make a special night-time vibe.

  1. Add a Shelf 

Use a piece of a pallet as the base. It can be narrow or wide enough to fit small decorative items. Make it slightly larger than your bed’s width. Paint it first or cover it with self-stick wallpaper.

  1. An All-White Look

So far, we have suggested using color and textures to create a new look for your 

bedroom. But have you ever considered an all-white look? It’s subtle, clean, and sophisticated. The trick is to use various fabric weaves. The detail of the weave creates an interesting contrast among your bedding, pillows, walls, and accent pieces. Add a white lattice board you can buy in a garden store to create depth as a simple DIY headboard. Learn more in our ultimate white bedding guide

Add Finishing Touches to your Bedroom

stylish diy bedroom

Now that you have a new headboard, it’s time to add the finishing touches. A bed skirt not only lends elegance to your room but is also practical. It can hide the legs of a bed, reduce dust bunnies, and prevent cold drafts. Our Vilano Springs box-pleated design is a favorite.

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Diy Headboards Are A Fun And Easy Way To Decorate Your Bedroom

We hope our ten best chic DIY headboard ideas inspire you to create a new bedroom. Upgrading the look and feel of your bedroom will uplift your mood. There are no limits to using your imagination. Have fun and experiment to bring out your personal style.