How To Layer Bedding

Bedrooms in magazines and TV shows look plush, luxurious, and inviting, but how do you create that look in your own room? The secret is to layer your bedding.


What Are The Advantages?

Besides making your bedroom look fantastic, when you layer your bedding you also allow a world of creativity, flexibility, and affordability. You don’t need to buy everything immediately and each element doesn’t need to be a precise match. Start with your sheets and then add a quilt, duvet, or comforter. When your budget allows it, add a bed throw and decorative pillows. Strive for varied textures, patterns, and colors.


Start With The Bed Sheets

A common designer trick of the trade is to buy white bed sheets. They look crisp and clean and provide contrast when you add your other bedding too. Of course, you don’t need to choose white if it doesn’t suit your lifestyle or tastes, but either choose a light-colored set with a dark comforter or vice versa. Either that, or choose a range of tones in the same color. Whether you choose cotton or man-made is personal choice. Always wash your new sheets to remove any chemicals and then make the bed straight away. Ensure the flat sheet faces the wrong way up and pull it as close as you can to the top of the mattress so you can fold it over the quilt or comforter. Add a thin blanket now if that’s what you prefer and tuck the sheet and blanket neatly under the mattress.


Add Your Quilt Or Comforter

The bottom of your quilt or comforter should fall below the top of the mattress. If it doesn’t cover the mattress and bed legs, you may want to add a bed skirt in a matching color for a finished look. Fold the top sheet over the quilt or comforter. For a modern look, tuck it in at the sides and the bottom of the bed. For a relaxed look, leave the comforter or quilt hanging.


Dress With Pillows & Shams

The bed sheets and comforter and quilt sets above come with matching pillowcases and shams for affordability. The most common way to layer pillows is to stand them up against the bed or wall and then place the shams in front. You can also stack four pillows and skip the shams if you want a clean, simple look.


A Few Decorative Pillows For Interest

Adding decorative pillows lets you play with color and texture to create your unique designer bed. Add a shock of contrasting color, a striking pattern, or a symbol of something that’s important to you. If you love Paris, add a pillow with the Eiffel Tower. If you love beaches and sand, choose a tropical print. If you love sophistication, choose satin or velvet. Use your imagination and let your personality shine through. Place the pillows at an angle or flat, but play with them until you get the look you want. One pillow on each side of the bed creates formality. Two solid-colored pillows with an accent pillow or two create a more relaxed look. The pillows should not exceed a third of the bed’s length.


Choose a Bed Throw 

Bed throws are practical and attractive too. Pull it up when you’re reading in bed or when you need a little warmth on a cold winter’s night. Choose a throw that adds color, texture, or pattern. If you have a solid-colored comforter or quilt, choose a botanical, plaid, or paisley for a bit of flair. If pattern isn’t your thing, choose a lighter color than your quilt or comforter or a contrasting color that picks up those in your decorative pillows. Alternatively, a chunky knit or faux fur throw adds a pop of texture and depth to your bed.


It’s not difficult to create a designer bedroom when you layer bedding. Buy the pieces as you can afford them, but choose the color scheme first. The rest will fall into place as you build your design.