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What Is the Difference between Sateen and Percale?
Do you know the difference between sateen and percale bed sheets? If not, read on to learn more about the two weave styles and find out which is best for you.
Thread Count vs. Thread Quality: What Really Matters
Do you know what the best fabric for sheets is? At Southshore Fine Linens, we sure do! Shop our selection of premium bed sets to find your next favorite bed sheet set.
Creating a Home Oasis
Coming home after a long day is often the highlight of our day. Your home is your safe place, your peace, and it should reflect that. Home isn’t just about the things you put in it; it’s how it makes...
11 Viral Bedroom Color Combinations For The New Year

Shop our wide variety of linens to pull your bedroom aesthetic together beautifully. Get high-quality eye-catching duvet sheets and bed covers you’ll love. 

How To Make Your Linen Sheets Last
Fine linen bedding can look and feel great for over a decade. Use our washing, drying, stain-treating, and storage tips to preserve your linen sheets.
10 Best Chic DIY Headboards
List of the 10 Best Chic DIY Headboard styles. See how to use these creative ideas to upgrade your bedroom headboard, brought to you by Southshore Fine Linens.
Home Decoration Trends for the 2022 Holiday Season
Home Decoration Trends for the 2022 Holiday Season Preparing for the holiday season involves several tasks. Gatherings with family and friends involve coordinating schedules and making transportation plans.
Southshore's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide
Every year, around this time, we issue our holiday gift giude.  Last year, we had our staff come up with their favorite items to highlight.  If you are interested in reading last year's gift guide, it can be found here. ...
Hosting the Perfect Holiday Gathering
The holiday season is a special time. People put up festive decorations and venture to local stores, searching for holiday menu items. There are sales to entice shoppers to buy presents, and special events such as parades and craft shows....
Benefits Of Making Your Bed Everyday
Morning people are a different breed of individuals, thriving in the morning, basking in the morning sun, ready to take on the day and all its chaos. If you're anything like me or most human beings on this planet we don't look forward to the light of the morning day. 
The Best Sleep Tracking Apps for the Best Night's Sleep
The perpetual need to have a healthy eight hours of sleep falls second to my constant balancing between work and social life. Thankfully we live in a time where there are so many options to help us get a restful night; without the risk of oversleeping or undersleeping.
8 Best College Dorm Bedding and Bath Essentials for 2022

Your dorm will be your home throughout your time in college, and it’s incredibly important to make it feel as comfortable as possible. It will be your space to relax and recharge after a long day, a place to do your schoolwork, and likely a spot to socialize as well.

Read on for our curated list of the best bedding and bath essentials that every college student must have in their dorm in 2022.

Styling Ideas For Your Master Bedroom
So, if you are like me, your bedroom tends to be your safe space, the place where you leave everything at the door and recharge, heal, and relax. That being said, why not take the time to create a space that can become your escape from the world? Lucky for you, I know some great ways to design your space in a way that allows for total relaxation and a euphoric experience. Let's totally zen out, and find the perfect style to fit your self-care needs!

My bedroom has undergone multiple styles and décor overhauls, leading me to a unique style encompassing my favorite designs throughout the ages. While questioning how fiscally responsible all these changes are, I can finally say that my personal oasis is finally complete.
How To Keep Your Bedding Clean When You Have Pets
If you enjoy sharing your bed with your furry friends at home, you know what a challenge it can be to keep your bedding clean. Dogs and cats can leave behind fur and pet dander that may cause allergies, carry...
Ways To Put On A Duvet Cover
Duvet covers offer versatility and comfort and are an excellent option for your bedding set. However, getting duvet covers on can sometimes appear tricky. Avoid frustrations with your duvet cover! Let us guide you through the easiest methods of getting that duvet cover on so you can enjoy your beautiful bedding.
How To Update Your Kid’s Bedroom
Updating your kid’s bedroom doesn’t have to look like an HGTV project gone wrong. Instead, take advantage of these simple changes that will last with them through all ages and stages. 
How to Mix and Match Patterns
Simple, plain bedding is classic. However, if you are ready to mix it up, playing with patterns can be fun and rewarding. Your bedroom is the perfect setting to play with texture, color, and design! Plus, so many options are on the market, which makes mixing and matching patterns an easy task.
The Best Plants For Your Bedroom

Plants have so many qualities to them that not only help with our everyday lives but can also brighten a room in so many ways, especially when pairing your plants with your furniture and most importantly, your beddingLet’s get into some specifics about plants, not only do they provide air quality but they change our moods in a good way!

The Best Sleep Tracking Apps for the Best Night's Sleep
With the plethora of tech wearables available to the public, many already own a sleep tracker without knowing. Not all trackers are made equal; some clearly stand out over the others. It is also worth noting that not everyone wants to wear something tech in bed; I have you covered with some alternatives to track your sleep without having that clingy tech on you like a crush that won't leave you alone.  
How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger
No matter the reason, if your bedroom feels smaller than you’d like, there are many ways you can open it up without major renovations. You can transform your space with lighting, furniture, window treatments, wall décor, and bedding. Keep reading to learn our top tips for transforming your humble abode into a peaceful retreat fit for a queen.
How To Pick The Right Bed Sheets Based On The Way You Sleep
Did you know that your bed sheets play just as big a role in having that needed rest you crave? Yes, your bed sheets can determine how restful your body will feel, not to mention the functionalities of the materials that will aid in a snooze-filled night. Find the perfect material for your good night's sleep.