Your Personal Oasis: Creating the Perfect Relaxing Bedroom Space

Your bedroom is the most intimate space in your home. It’s a sanctuary where you can withdraw from the pressures of life, rest, and recharge. 

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However, for many, the primary purpose of their bedroom isn’t its only purpose. Many utilize bedroom space for work or recreational space. When your bedroom doubles as the primary place where you study or work, viewing it as a place to relax can be challenging.

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your bedroom is the tranquil space you need when it’s time to unwind. Utilizing peaceful colors, design patterns, and materials effectively creates and preserves a personal sanctuary where you can relax and get the rest you need.

Relaxing Bedroom Ideas You Can Use To Transform Your Bedroom Into an Oasis

Colors can promote specific emotions and, in addition to affecting your mood, can impact the following aspects of your life: 

  • Blood pressure: The color red can boost your blood pressure and circulation
  • Concentration: Green, blue, and white are soothing colors that boost your concentration
  • Energy level: Warm colors can boost energy levels. Some shades of pink and red are warm colors that are effective energy boosters. Other warm colors include orange, brown, tan, and yellow shades.
  • Metabolism: The color red can boost your metabolism
  • Memory: Some colors increase our recollections of negative incidents or words, while others promote memories of positive words or events
  • Sleep: Since red can boost your energy levels and metabolism, it can make it difficult for you to sleep. It can also be difficult to sleep if you're exposed to blue light.

Effective relaxing bedroom ideas begin with choosing color schemes and decor patterns that have a calming effect. 

Relaxing Bedroom Ideas: What Bedroom Color Is Most Relaxing?

The most relaxing color can vary from person to person. Your color preferences could influence your choices when selecting colors that promote a sense of calm. 

Relaxing Bedroom Ideas: What Are the Most Relaxing Bedroom Colors?

Choosing a relaxing color palette for your bedroom walls, furnishings, and bedding can help alleviate stress and create a soothing environment that promotes rest. Specific colors create a calming effect, and some of the most relaxing colors are commonly found in nature.


Blues are a popular option when you’re looking for a color that helps you de-stress and relax. According to color symbolism, blue represents peace, which may stem from its soothing effect on the human body. 


It’s easier for the human eye to see shades of green than any other color, which is one of the reasons it’s an excellent option for creating a relaxing environment. Since looking at green doesn’t involve eye strain or require as much work for visual processing, it doesn’t stimulate the mind the same way some other colors do. Green strongly associates with nature and represents an association with natural health. This positive association is another reason it’s a great color choice for your bedroom.


White can be a soothing color because it doesn’t overstimulate the brain. This lack of visual stimulation is one reason it’s considered a calming color. 

Relaxing Bedroom Ideas: What Color Combinations Are Most Relaxing? 

Combining suitable complementary colors can be an effective way to create a tranquil space that promotes calm. Great combinations begin with the colors that promote restful spaces. Some color combinations you can consider for your bedroom oasis include the following:

  • Combining neutral tones 
  • Pairing blue and green
  • Pairing blue with white
  • Pairing green with white

Ideal neutral shades include sand, tan, and beige hues. 

Relaxing Bedroom Ideas: What Patterns Are Most Relaxing?

Bright, bold patterns can stimulate the brain and boost your energy, making it harder to relax and sleep. When choosing patterns for your bedroom space, you must consider subtle patterns that use relaxing color combinations.

When selecting comforters and daybed covers, consider the colors and patterns. Often, your comforter or daybed cover covers the largest amount of space in your bedroom, and choosing the right pattern or colors can help create an environment where your mind can settle down and allow you to rest. 

Choosing a daybed cover in a solid color, such as teal or blue, is an excellent way to promote calm. You could opt for a comforter with a soothing pattern, such as Sweet Florals, which uses small flowers and combines colors that promote rest. Marrakech Clipped Jacquard is another pattern option because it uses textures to create the design, but the comforter features one solid color. 

It is possible to choose a quilt and create a practical oasis. Focus on quilts with solid colors or subtle patterns that emphasize soothing colors. 

How Do Bedding Accessories Help Create a Restful Space?

Bedding accessories include throw pillows, throw blankets, bed skirts, pillow covers, and sheets. Every piece of bedding you add to your bedroom contributes to the effect your space has, which is why you must consider how to use accessories when creating your bedroom sanctuary. 

Throw Pillows

Adding throw pillows is an effective way to add pops of color to any space. Remember to avoid energizing colors that counteract the effect of the soothing colors you’re using in your bedroom. A few throw pillows with warm tones, such as a warm yellow or a pastel shade, can add color while maintaining a calm space.

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are functional items that can be used in different seasons and can also be purely decorative. If you use your throw blankets during cooler months, choose warm blankets suitable for your needs and select colors that complement your bedroom’s color palette. Solid waffle and acrylic blankets come in shades of white, blue, and taupe, which are all suitable for promoting rest and pair well with other calming shades. 

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Bed Skirts

Adding a bed skirt may not be crucial, but bed skirts play a critical role in your bedroom. The space under your bed is where dust can gather, and it’s a place where many people store boxes, luggage, and other items. Adding a bed skirt keeps any stored items under your bed out of view, preventing them from demanding attention. Plus, you won’t see any dust building up under your bed, so you can relax without thinking about house cleaning. 

Choosing solid bed skirts that work well with your bedding will ensure your bed skirt promotes tranquility. 

Pillow Covers and Sheets

Ideally, it would help if you chose pillow covers, shams, and sheets that match your bedding because avoiding clashing colors promotes calm. To prevent overstimulation, avoid bright colors that might be jarring with your bedroom aesthetic. 

Promoting Rest in Multifunctional Bedroom Spaces

It can be challenging to make multifunctional bedroom spaces calming, but investing in suitable storage for personal items ensures you can put things away to avoid mental stimulation when you need to rest. You can also invest in room dividers or use bookshelves to divide your room so you can’t see your workspace when resting. 

Let Southshore Fine Linens Help You Create the Perfect Tranquil Bedroom Space

At Southshore Fine Linens, we have all the bedding and accessories you need to transform your bedroom into a tranquil room where you can unwind. Whether you’re looking for bedding for a daybed, twin, or king-sized bed, we have quality bedding featuring soothing, solid colors and gentle patterns that are perfect for creating your personal oasis. 

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