Trends in Home Textiles for 2024

Your home provides more than shelter; it’s an essential source of comfort and security. It represents belonging, shapes your identity, and affects your well-being. Turning your space into one that delivers a sense of belonging ensures your home makes you feel inspired and secure.

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There is nothing quite like returning home and relaxing in a space where you’re at ease. Home textiles are one of the most effective ways to transform your home to reflect your identity and tastes while serving practical purposes. They’re an integral part of living environments, and home textile trends have influenced home decor for thousands of years.

Adopting the textile trends for 2024 and colors of 2024 is the perfect way to update your design styles and refresh any space in your home, from your bedroom to your kitchen, bathroom, and everywhere in between.

What Are Home Textile Products?

Home textiles are products made from fabric. Anything made from cloth that’s used in your home is a home textile, including the following:

2024 Home Textile Color Trends

The 2024 home textile color palette celebrates earthy, neutral tones. The top colors of the year include:

  • Cyberspace - This dark gray tone complements every color
  • Dark auburn - Dark auburn highlights brown with red tones
  • Pearly white - Solid white can be stark and imposing, but off-white shades like pearly white are softer and soothing
  • Persimmon - This terracotta-inspired earth tone delivers a sense of security and is Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year
  • Stardew - Stardew is a lighter gray shade than cyberspace and works well as an accent color
  • Taupe - A blend of brown and gray
  • Utaupeia - A calm, neutral shade
  • Waterloo - Waterloo is a blue shade infused with a hint of gray throughout and works well as a primary or accent color in any space

2024 Home Textiles for Bedrooms

2024’s design trends include using curves to soften edges and promote a sense of comfort in any space. Bedding trends for 2024 deliver that softness, creating an ideal environment for getting the rest you need. 

Add new bedding to your bedroom to utilize the 2024 modern home textile trends. Start with your bedspread and choose a quilt, comforter, or duvet cover in a 2024 color that matches your walls and furnishings. Excellent color options for your bedroom include waterloo, stardew, and persimmon.

Your bedspread color shapes all your other choices for your bedroom since your bed is the most significant piece of furniture in this space. Once you select your bedspread, invest in matching 2024 patterned bed sheets. 2024 patterns include:

  • Abstraction
  • Botanical leaves
  • Coastal stripes
  • Dandelion dreams
  • Flora
  • Forevermore
  • Grand symphony
  • Modern foliage
  • Perfect paisley
  • Serenity
  • Sweetbriar
  • Sweet florals
  • Winter brush

You can keep the natural, earthy themes with sheet sets featuring leaves, dandelions, and other foliage. You can also supplement your earth tones with geometric patterns. Many 2024 sheet patterns feature subtle, soft designs that complement patterns on your other textiles. You can also choose neutral colors without patterns.

Supplement your new luxury bedding with accessories, including pillowcases, bedskirts, and blankets. You can also add area rugs in 2024-color designs to your bedroom.

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2024 Home Textiles for Bathrooms

Your bathroom features essential textiles, including shower curtains, drapes, bathmats, towels, and washcloths. Adding textiles featuring 2024 colors is the perfect way to update your bathing space and bring the calm these colors promote into this vital space.

2024 Home Textiles for Living Rooms

Use home textiles to invigorate your living and family rooms. Add pillowcases featuring 2024 colors, such as persimmon or waterloo. Hang a quilt over the back of your couch to add comfort and warmth. 

To refresh the room, add area rugs featuring colors such as cyberspace, stardew, and dark auburn, and pair them with complimentary curtains to complete the look. Choose oval area rugs for the soft edges that are trending for home textiles in 2024.

2024 Home Textiles for Kitchens

Bring the year’s theme colors into your kitchen space to create a food prep space that soothes while you cook. Kitchen textiles include curtains, floor mats, hand towels, dish towels, oven mitts, potholders, and aprons. Cyberspace and stardew are calming gray shades that match any color. Other excellent kitchen color options include taupe and waterloo.

2024 Home Textiles for Home Offices

Whether you work from home or frequently use a home office, creating an effective office space can promote productivity and peace of mind. In addition to using area rugs and curtains to refresh your home office space, consider adding chair cushions and decorative pillows. You may also use throw blankets to promote a sense of comfort, ensuring your home office shares the homey feel you’ve evoked throughout the rest of your house.

Southshore Fine Linens Embraces 2024’s Home Textile Trends

Throw pillows from the Botanical Leaves 6-Piece Quilt Bedding Set from Southshore Fine Linens.

From comforters to bedding accessories and sheet sets, Southshore Fine Linens has drawn inspiration from the 2024 home textile trends. We feature the year's colors and embrace design styles suited to these soothing, neutral tones. Our designs and textiles will enable you to turn your home into an oasis and deliver the relaxing ambiance you need in 2024.

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