The Perfect Reading Nook

Looking for the best ways to amp up the comfort in your home? A reading nook can be a great addition to any living space. These unique home decor elements also serve as a practical way to unwind and relax without sacrificing much space.

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You've come to the right place if you’re like many people who don’t know how to create a reading nook in your home. Today, we’ll be taking a close look at the different ways you can incorporate a reading nook as well as reading nook ideas for how to style a nook so it suits your personality and sense of style. 

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What Is a Reading Nook?

A reading nook is the perfect addition to any home if you want to ramp up the coziness and comfort in your living space. As the name suggests, a reading nook is a space (usually small and tucked into a corner) where you can cozy up, read a book, and just enjoy your overall space.

Reading nooks come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll find them in homes of all styles, including traditional and modern structures. More traditional homes may have bay windows that double up as a reading nook. You'll find other styles in homes without bay windows, such as oversized lounge chairs and daybeds. No matter the style or look you're after for the reading nook in your home, these unique living elements provide a functional and practical aesthetic that any home can benefit from. 

Why Everyone Should Have a Reading Nook in Their Home 

Reading nooks are becoming especially popular, and for good reasons. These unique spaces serve as a practical addition to any home. While the name conjures up images of cuddling up with a good book, you don’t have to be a vivacious reader to benefit from what a reading nook has to offer. Reading nooks can serve as functional spaces to relax and unwind after a long day, catch up on a nap in a cozy setting, or enjoy the serenity of the outdoors if you’re lucky enough to have your reading nook situated by a window. 

How To Create a Reading Nook

So, exactly, how do you go about creating a reading nook? Well, there are a variety of ways to do so. For starters, you need to figure out where your reading nook should be and the overall style and feel you want it to have. One of the best ways to narrow down an aesthetic you like is by searching for reading nook looks and creating a space that serves your unique sense of style. 

Spruce Up Your Bay Window

Don’t miss the opportunity to completely transform your bay window into the perfect reading nook. Bay windows offer the perfect structural design that lends really well to a good reading nook. The elongated opening of the window offers plenty of natural light, while the base can serve as a seating area for you to cuddle up on. Don’t have a base? Adding a large, flat bench that fits the dimensions of your bay window is a simple way to remedy that. 

No Bay Window? Use a Daybed Instead! 

Don’t have a bay window? No worries! Tap into the magic of a daybed. A daybed is often a twin or full-sized bed with railings or a headboard along both ends and one side of the bed. The side of the bed with the railing or headboard is pushed along the wall. Daybeds are essentially a hybrid between a bed and the frame of a bench. 

Place your daybed along any wall or corner of your home that you want to transform into a reading nook. The closer you can set it up next to a window, the better you can take advantage of natural lighting. 

Cozy and Comfort Is the Name of the Game

Now that you have a location for your reading nook set up, it’s time to dress it up, so it is the ultimate definition of comfort and relaxation. The overall vibe you should aim for beacons you in because the reading nook is inviting. 

Remember, the reading nook should serve as a place for peace and calm. Knowing how to set it up is key to pulling off this vibe. Let’s take a closer look at ways you can do that. 

Get Bold With Colors and Textures 

Colors and textures are your friend when creating a reading nook. Unlike other spaces in your home, you should feel like you have free reign to get bold and creative with how you decorate your reading nook. After all, this part of your home should be somewhat loud with a personality of its own. The best way to create this personality is by playing around with different colors and textures. 

If you want a warm and cheery vibe, bright and vibrant colors like red, orange, yellow, and green are your go-to. Want to keep it a bit more neutral? Stick to your blues, grays, navy tones, and darker hues. If you are using a daybed, daybed covers are a great way to play up these bright colors.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with keeping it classy and elegant with white, beige, and two-tone subtle colors either. If you keep it subtle, play up the texture through throw blankets, pillows, and even pillowcases

Throw Pillows Are Your Friend 

More is always better when it comes to throw pillows in your reading nook. Do not shy away from using loud, expressive, and excessive throw pillows. After all, as you relax, you’ll be shifting and moving around, and you’ll need those throw pillows to keep you comfortable. 

Keep a Throw Blanket Nearby

A throw blanket is a must with any reading nook. Now, because blankets are fairly limited bedding accessories with reading nooks, you want to be sure to pick out the right type of blankets and throws. Any good throw blanket should have a strong personality. The right blanket should have one or more of these elements: 

  • A bold color, pattern, or texture 
  • Fringed edges or edging that conveys some sort of personality 
  • Soft and comfortable 
  • High-quality material like organic cotton so it lasts longer

Make It Your Space

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Finally, the best reading nook is the one that reflects your unique sense of style and personality. You have free range to make the reading nook yours. After all, it will serve as your space to relax, unwind, and tap into a place of calm or peace. Don’t feel the need to make your reading nook blend in with the other design elements in the room it’s in. After all, a reading nook should pop out, no matter the space.

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