How To Make a Bed Like a Hotel: Tips for Transforming Your Sleeping Space

So, you want to transform your bed to look and feel like a hotel bed? Lucky for you, with the right knowledge about different design elements, you’ll be surprised at just how easy it can be to make your bed look and feel hotel-like. 

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Here, we will take a look at some of the easiest tips and tricks that can help you transform your sleeping space into a luxurious and comfortable room. 

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How To Make a Bed Like a Hotel Bed

As you plan to create a hotel-like bed, you’ll want to keep a couple of concepts in the back of your head. These concepts will help you have a solid starting point so you can create a hotel-like bed, no matter the room you are transforming or the bedding you use.

Key things to keep in mind include: 

  • The color scheme you want to use and whether you want to create a cool or a warm tone in the room 
  • The appeal of the room — think luxury, calm, exciting, etc. 
  • The type of bedding you want to use 
  • How you want to accessorize

Use the Right Bedding

The first thing most people notice when they enter a hotel room is how luxurious and relaxing the bed looks. Many are also left wondering what it is about hotel beds that give off this feel of effortless luxury and how they can replicate that in their own homes. 

The first step to any bedroom transformation is using the right bedding. Hotel rooms know how to complement bed covers, bed linens, and pillows, creating a vibe of luxury, comfort, and effortless style.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to use expensive, top-of-the-line bedding with high thread counts. Plus, you might be surprised to find that thread count is less important than how the bedding you are using works together. 

Types of bedding you should incorporate to create a hotel-like vibe include: 

How To Layer a Bed Like a Hotel

So now that you’ve got hotel-like bedding, how do you piece that bedding together to create that hotel-like feel? Well, you have to start by knowing how to properly layer your bedding. 

If you like the style or want to incorporate it to hide storage under the bed, you’ll want to start by setting up your bed skirt with matching bed linens. Keep in mind the color scheme you want to aim for. Cool colors like white, light blue, and gray will keep the space feeling mature, while louder colors can help add personality to the room. 

After you have your linens on, add a duvet cover over the top. Double stuffing can help give your duvet cover a stiffness that provides a very hotel-like feel. Lay your duvet cover so the edge touches about three inches below the top of the mattress (you’ll want your bed linen under the duvet to touch right at the top of the mattress).

Then, fold the cover down about 10 inches and fold the bed linen over top of it. When you have folded the cover down, you should still have about three inches to tuck the bed sheet underneath the duvet. 

Know Your Vibe

We’ve mentioned this before, but you’ll want to ensure you know the feel of the room you are going after. In addition to considering the colors, you should consider how “busy” or “clean” you want the bed to look as well. A busy bed might have lots of colors, accessories, and pillows. Meanwhile, a clean bed is very tidy and organized.

Use the Right Bedding Accessories

When it comes to bedding accessories, sometimes more is better if you want a hotel-like vibe. Just be sure you don't use too many accessories. Some common ways to play this safe are by using two sets of practical pillows and then layering over one set of decorative pillows. If you want to keep the pillows to a minimum, opt for a decorative throw pillow instead. 

Use a Bed Scarf

The power of a bed scarf is undefeated. A bed scarf is a strip of bedding that goes across the width of the footing area on your bed. Adding a scarf to your bedding can significantly elevate the look of your bed. If you want to add some personality or color to your bedding, the bed scarf can be a great place to do that. 

Consider Textures and Colors

We’ve discussed the role colors play in creating a hotel-like bed, but it goes without saying that if you really want to achieve that hotel feel, it’s best to play it safe by using neutral, one- or two-toned colors. 

If you feel like you need to add a little more personality, focus on the textures you use in the bedding, too. For example, a diamond-quilted duvet will add a little more life and vibrancy to the overall feel of the bedding than a simplistic duvet cover. 

You can also incorporate texture through textured bed skirts, bed scarves, and even throw blankets. Finally, decorative throw pillows can also be another great way to tie in that texture. 

Ready To Dress Your Bed Like a Hotel Bed?

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You don’t need to go on vacation to enjoy that feel-good hotel bed feeling. With the right tips and tricks, you can create a similar feeling all on your own.

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