Towel Buying Guide

March 03, 2021 2 min read

Towel Buying Guide

Most people put little to no thought into towel buying and which type of towels they should bring home.  Sure, you want your towels to look nice, but there are a few other things like material, weight, size, and care you should consider.  Finding the perfect towel has never been easier.  Our helpful towel guide has everything you need to know.

What makes Southshore Fine Linens towels the best?

Southshore Fine Linens wants to help you make bath time more luxurious with the best bath towels!  We offer the highest-quality bath sheets, oversized towels, and washcloths at an affordable price.  Super easy ordering + fast free shipping.


Our Towels are made with the highest quality 100% combed cotton.   Combed cotton is a pre-weaving process that can only be used on the highest grade of cotton.  The process of combing the cotton removes the shorter threads leaving the longest and strongest threads to be woven into the towel. Towels that go through the combing process are less likely to pill and are durable.  Our plush towels are super soft and absorbent perfect for everyday use.




When shopping for towels especially online it can be difficult to determine if the towel is heavy, soft, and absorbent enough. This is where knowing the grams per square meter (GSM) of the towel comes in handy. A towel’s GSM refers to the weight of the towel.  The higher the GSM the better the towel.  Towels with a GSM of 400 and lower are typically thinner and less durable.  500-600 GSM is a nice medium weight that is perfect for everyday use.  600-900 GSM towels feel extra luxurious, fluffy, and absorbent.  Our premium 500-650 GSM bath towels offer a luxurious super soft towel that only gets softer after every wash.

Super-Plush 500 GSM Combed Cotton Towel Set

Classic 650 GSM Premium Combed Cotton Towel Set



Our generously sized bath towels are designed to give you maximum coverage, allowing you to fully wrap up.  Standard bath towels are typically 28” X 54”, hand towels 17” X 30”, and washcloths 12” X 12”.

Size chart



Make your towels last for years with these helpful care tips:

  • Wash your new towels.
  • Wash like colors together.  
  • Avoid using fabric softener.
  • Avoid using chlorine bleach.
  • Make sure towels are completely dry from the dryer.  Slightly damp towels can mildew.



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