How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger

We’ve all been there. Maybe you’re renting a new condo, and the master is a bit smaller than it looked in the photos. Perhaps your kids moved away from home, and you’ve downsized to a smaller home with a smaller bedroom. On the flip side, it’s possible that your bedroom is spacious, but over the years, the clutter has crept in, and it’s time for a do-over. No matter the reason, if your bedroom feels smaller than you’d like, there are many ways you can open it up without major renovations. You can transform your space with lighting, furniture, window treatments, wall décor, and bedding. Keep reading to learn our top tips for transforming your humble abode into a peaceful retreat fit for a queen.


5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger  


vilano white quilt on a white bed in a bedroom with a rug and big windows

If you want your   bedroom to feel larger than it actually is, you must   embrace lighting. No, we’re not   talking   about a single   floor lamp off in a corner —we're talking about   multiple different   types   of lighting with optimal positioning. 

For example, we recommend two wall   or headboard-mounted sconces on  either side of your bed. Scones are   great for a few reasons: one being they save space—the other being they   provide light to the centerpiece of the room, which is your bed.

Another area to add lighting is overhead on the ceiling. If your bedroom already has a light fixture, consider swapping it out for a long pendant light to draw the eyes up toward the top of the room. Emphasizing vertical space with pendant lights will make your area feel more spacious than it is. Lastly, add a few slim and modern floor lamps if you have floor space. We recommend floor lamps with clear light fittings to diffuse light across the room. Additionally, placing floor lamps near wall mirrors can further maximize light spread across an area. 

Remember, to make your bedroom feel bigger, opt for lighting diversification. For small spaces, it’s better to go for multiple light sources that illuminate every dark corner.  


Window Treatments 

Another way to infuse light into your room and make it appear bigger is with window treatments. Have you ever been in a home with heavy light-blocking velvet curtains? It likely felt pretty small, dark, and dated, right? 

Natural light is key to creating an airy look, so avoid dark and heavy curtains that block light from coming through your windows. Instead, select window coverings that are lightly colored and sheer if possible. Bright white, off-white, beige, or greige are perfect options here. Next, consider hanging your curtains from floor to ceiling to draw the eye upwards and make the ceiling appear higher than it really is. Moreover, by using an extra-long curtain rod, you can give the illusion that your bedroom is also more expansive. Lastly, try layering curtains with a double curtain rod. Using fabric made of different materials, like linen and organza, will create a sense of depth. 



The next way to make your bedroom feel bigger is with furniture or lack thereof. One of the most common reasons that a room feels small is because there is too much furniture. Do you really need two nightstands, a bench, a desk, a dresser, and a reading chair? Probably not. Most people can get by with less furniture if they get creative. 

Think about what items you truly need in your bedroom. Perhaps you need a book, a phone charger, a water bottle, and clothing to fit into your bedroom. In that case, look for furniture that multi-tasks. Find a nightstand with a built-in charger, a single drawer that can hold your books, and enough tabletop space to keep a few essential items like your water bottle. Conversely, consider ditching the nightstands and having your items centralized with a stylish dresser. Ultimately, you must prioritize what furniture you need versus furniture that takes up precious square footage. 

Lastly, to maximize the feel of the room, focus on slim and light-colored furniture. A clear glass top table can also contribute to an airy vibe throughout the room. 


Wall Decor & Paint Colors

There are even more ways to make your bedroom feel bigger, beyond light fixtures, window treatments, and furniture. Now, we’re talking about your walls. Not everyone has the budget to overhaul their furniture, curtains, and light fixtures so the best and most cost-effective options may be playing with the wall colors and décor. 

Making a small space appear larger can be as simple as using mirrors. Mirrors are great for reflecting natural light and creating a sense of openness. Adding a full-length mirror can do a lot for a small room. Furthermore, using tiny mirrors to create a “gallery” wall can bounce light across the space and support a minimalist aesthetic. 

 paint colors that are great to put in a bedroom you are looking to make bigger

Beyond mirrors, light paint colors make a small bedroom feel bigger. You don’t have to stick to white walls either; ultra-light blues or grays work well too. Check out ‘Wickman Gray'' or “Breath Of Fresh Air” from Benjamin Moore for some inspiration. Generally, cooler colors are best for creating a more spacious look. 

If light-colored walls and window treatments leave you craving color, we recommend adding a few pops of rich color, like a deep plum or forest green, to your throw pillows and other embellishments. 



Finally, don't overlook bedding if you want your bedroom to look larger. Your bedding has a major influence on how your bedroom looks; it’s often the first thing people look at when viewing a bedroom. While bold, heavily patterned designs may work for larger rooms, smaller spaces require simplicity. 

Cluttered bedding setups can close up your bedroom and make it feel cluttered. Instead, opt for a ‘less is more’ approach. Utilize bedding that's lightly colored and ultra-soft in appearance and feel. Our Bamboo Extra Deep Pocket Sheet Set in “Bamboo White'' is a great choice for this. It’s crisp white and insanely soft. You want your bedding to support the airy vibe you’ve incorporated throughout the room, so you’ll want to select a simple quilt or comforter to top things off. The Southshore Essentials Quilt Set in “Sandy Taupe'' is a chic, yet laid-back option that can really tie a room together. 

 vilano white quilt in a bedroom that is farmhouse style


Bottom Line 

Remember, if you have a small bedroom, keep things simple. Your lighting should be varied, space-saving, and modern; Your window treatments should be light and airy; Your furniture, slimline and multi-purpose; Mirrors and pale paint colors go a long way too. Finally, your bedding should be soft, light, and inviting, because you deserve to rest your head in a bedroom that's living up to its potential. 

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