Your Ultimate White Bedding Guide


White Bedding Guide

Subtle. Clean. Timeless. These are just a few words you can use to describe white bedding. And if you are building your bedding right, nothing is boring about an all-white set!

Depending on the fabrics, detailing, and accents you put with your bedding, you can have a striking look that is both sophisticated and polished. Carefully select weaves, thread count, and detailing that brings your bedding to life. You’ll find white is far from boring for your spaces.

Selecting Your Weave

The weave of your fabric will give off various textures and finishes, making the white appear differently depending on which material you choose for your bedding. There are many weaves available on the market to match your personal preferences.

Percale Weave

Are you looking for a crisp, cool finish?  Percale cotton is one of the most widely chosen weaves because of its look and feel--especially when it comes to white bedding.  Our luxurious cotton percale sheets are 300 thread count and made with long staple yarn.  they are a perfect start to your white bedding set.


Cotton Sateen Weave

For the smoothest finish, cotton sateen sheets feel like a dream. They add an extra layer of shine to your white bedding. Also, this material creates a soft and luxurious feel as you slip between the sheets each night, wrapping you in a cloud-like dreamy fabric.

Top it off with a cotton sateen duvet, and you’ll have the coziest sleep of your life every night.

Thread Count

We’re pretty sure that anyone looking for bedding has heard the term ‘thread count’. When considering which linens to choose for your white bedding compilation, take the time to research the thread counts and thread makeup.

Over the years, the marketing gurus have planted this idea in people's head that, higher the thread count, the better the product.  In fact, reality is a bit different.  Higher thread counts means heavier feel and also means the fabric is less breathable.  In order to pack more number of yarns in a square inch, single ply yarns are substituted for 2, 4, or even higher ply-count.  Single-Ply Yarn is always stronger then multi-ply.  

If you ask a European consumer, they are usually not used to seeing fabrics over 300 Thread-count.  In Europe, 200TC is an acceptable thread-count for cotton sheets and 300 thread-count is considered a luxury.  

In addition to the thread-count, the quality of the yarn and the weaving method are also important.  This is the reason, we suggest 300 thread count in single-ply long-staple yarn. range for a combination of durability and comfort you can rely on for years. It’s the perfect balance of affordability and quality wrapped into one.

Details, Details, Details

What can make your white bedding stand out among the rest? Invest in sheets or a duvet cover with extra detailing on them. Details, elevate your bedding, and transform it into something more than just plain white linen.


Embroided cording along the edges adds that bit of luxury to your white sheets and covers. Whether you stay monochrome with white cording or opt for another color for a subtle pop, cording will take your style up a notch.

Pom Pom

Pom poms are a fun, whimsical detail that bring playfulness and a bohemian vibe to the bedroom. They help give your space style and enhance your white bedding subtly. Pom pom duvets offer character to your space and a touch of personality you won’t find on a plain duvet.

Pom Pom Bedding


Keep your space sophisticated and elegant by investing in sheets and a duvet set with pleats. Pillowcases, sheets, and duvets bring a touch of class to your bedroom with pleats, and it adds dimension to your white bedding.

Caring for Your White Bedding

Keeping your whites white can be a challenge that you wouldn’t face with other colors. However, we promise maintaining your white bedding is easy when you follow these simple guidelines.

  • Wash your bedding once a week.
  • Be aware of what you eat/drink in bed and if any spills occur. You need to take care of those immediately.
  • Wash your white linens with only other white linens to maintain their brightness.
  • Iron or steam your bedding once cleaned to maintain a fresh crispness to them.
  • Store extra white linens in bins or baskets in your linen closet to keep them clean.

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Climb into your crisp, clean, white bed knowing you have a set that is both timeless and classic. Shop for your white bedding or other linen needs today with SouthShore.