Expert Tips to Help You Decorate Your Bedroom on a Budget

July 15, 2020 3 min read

Expert Tips to Help You Decorate Your Bedroom on a Budget

If you’re tired of your old bedroom aesthetic, you’ve come to the right place. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars or redo your entire bedroom to give it a fresh, new look.

These simple bedroom decorating ideas are easy and affordable, so why not get it at and create a new vibe?

Rearrange Your Room

Most people set up their bedroom and never change the configuration. Obviously, this can get really boring after a time.

Throw the rules out the window and play with your furniture arrangement on paper until you find a layout that works for you. It could reveal huge opportunities and lay the foundation for a new bedroom you love. Did we mention it is free?

Change Up Your Color Scheme

When you’re on a budget it’s easy to change up your color scheme. Here are a few ways you can use schemes without spending oodles of cash.


Analogous colors sit beside each other on the color wheel. Examples include blue and green, yellow and orange, and violet and blue. If your bedroom relies on one color, choose one that sits next to it for your secondary color. For instance, you could add blue-green pillows or curtains to a blue bedroom.

Coastal Stripes Duvet Cover in Blue

Analogous colors are inherently harmonious, but demand dramatic accents in black, white, or grey or your bedroom will be boring. Just look at how well this Coastal Stripes Reversible Duvet Cover Set in blues and greens works with white and black!


100 GSM Duvet Cover in Dark Blue

Opposite colors on the wheel offer one warm color and one cool color which adds balanced variety.

100 GSM Duvet Cover in Light BlueVilano 6-pc Sheet Se in Off White


As an example, this calming, cool Denim Blue Basic Duvet Cover Set would work well with warm, rich yellow or orange accents which add cheer. However, this less saturated Sky Blue would pair well with pastel yellow, peach, Off Whiteor orange tones.

Replace One Piece of Furniture

Budget decorating eliminates a room full of new bedroom furniture. However, you can replace one piece and build on the vibe.

Swap out your bedside table for a wooden crate or wicker serving cart if you’re going for a beach theme. Get rid of that cheap storage closet and add a vintage trunk if you love Boho. Add a small bookcase with your favorite books, ornaments, or art if you love country.

Go Dramatic

One of the simplest ways to infuse a bedroom with style and drama is with new bedding, and we’re not just saying that because we sell it. It is an affordable option that offers dramatic results.

Tilted Tiles Duvet CoverVilano Square Quilt Set in Purple

Take a look at this Tilted Tiles Reversible Duvet Cover Set or this Classic Solid Quilt Set, both for under $40! Either could transform your bedroom instantly.

Swap Furniture Hardware

Replacing handles and drawer pulls is a simple, affordable trick that can add personality and style to furniture. A non-descript or inexpensive piece can suddenly become a statement piece in your new bedroom.

As an example, you may want to add nautical handles if you’ve decided on blue in your bedroom. If you want to go contemporary, swap out traditional, ornate pulls with sleek metallic ones. Just take off one of the pulls, measure the distance between the holes, and buy. They’re only a few dollars each!

Create a Vignette

When you’re working on a budget, you need to use what you already own. Why not create a statement vignette that breathes life into your old objects?

Hang a huge painting behind your dresser and then add carefully curated personal objects. Play with the arrangement until you create a mini piece of art. This designer trick costs absolutely nothing.

Mix It Up With Pattern

Vilano Plaid Duvet Cover in GreyGrand Symphony Duvet Cover in Grey

Pattern adds impact and you have countless choices. Plaid and florals work well for that homey feel, but you can also go more subtle.


Texture Stimulates Your Senses

If you have a neutral room, it’s easy to jazz it up with texture. A furry rug beside the bed, a nubby throw, or thickly-woven pillows could be the answer.

Pom-Pom Duvet Cover in Bone

You can also add texture in bedding and it doesn’t have to overwhelm. This Pom-Pom Duvet Cover Set has elegant and fashionable trim for sensory pizzazz.


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