Classic Cotton Floral Quilt Set: Myosotis Scorpioides

Classic Cotton Floral Quilt Set: Myosotis Scorpioides

June 02, 2018

Myosotis scorpioides Quilt Sets

The Myosotis Scorpioides quilt set adorned with Forget-Me-Nots comes in four soft colors and it’s made from 100-percent cotton. Bring a touch of nature into your bedroom, and create warmth and interest with little fuss.


Lightweight & Breathable

Enjoy the unbeatable softness of cotton sateen in this lightweight quilt. It’s ideal to use alone in spring and summer and with a warm blanket in the cooler months. Myosotis Scorpioides Quilt Sets in Green  Made from quality 300 thread count 100% cotton sateen, the Myosotis Scorpioides quilt set is offers a soft, smooth, luxurious feel, and the durability of cotton. Cotton sateen breathes well and moves moisture away from the skin, so you always have a comfortable night’s sleep.


Quality Quilting

Large quilted patterns often allow the fill inside to shift when you launder your bedding. This can create lumps instead of cleaning and restoring the fluffiness your quilt had when it was new. The Myosotis Scorpioides quilt set’s fine honeycomb pattern ensures the fill stays where it belongs regardless of how many times you wash and dry the set. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when you launder to avoid shrinkage and to ensure the vibrant color and pattern remain pristine.

Myosotis scorpioides Quilt Sets in Grey

Myosotis scorpioides Quilt Sets in Grey


Add Softness To Any Bedroom

The piped edges and rounded corners provide a high-end finish you’d find on a far more expensive cotton quilt. The soft floral pattern is a natural choice for a country bedroom, but it works in a minimalist bedroom that looks sterile, instead of enticing and warm. The Myosotis Scorpioides quilt set easily creates a focal point in a modern bedroom and brings a bit of nature indoors to soften stark lines. Pair the quilt set with neutral bed sheets for a clean, tailored look, while adding a touch of softness too.


Matching Sheets & Duvet Cover

Once you’ve chosen between an off-white, white, grey, or green quilt, you can add
Myosotis scorpioides Quilt Sets in White

matching sheets for a finished, layered bed. The sheets are also 100 percent cotton sateen available in the same patterns and colors.

If you love a warm duvet on your bed in the winter, the Myosotis Scorpioides line also includes duvet covers. Just swap the quilt for the duvet when the weather cools.

Affordable Cotton With Style

Cotton quilt sets often come with a very steep price tag. That’s not the case with the Myosotis Scorpioides. The quilt set with pillow shams and the duvet cover are under $50 each and the sheets under $20. Since the entire set is so affordable, you needn’t worry about what you spent when it’s time to update your bedroom again or replace your old bedding. You can easily afford to indulge again.




Myosotis scorpioides Quilt Sets in Off-White


You don’t need to spend a fortune on 100-percent cotton bedding. The Myosotis Scorpiodes quilt set offers high-quality cotton sateen, a soft, luxurious finish, and delicate Forget-Me-Nots and subtle colors. Only you know how much you spend on bedding and the Myosotis Scorpioides quilt set looks far more expensive than it really is. Add of touch of nature to your room without shelling out hundreds of dollars and then chuckle when others say, “I wish I could afford that”. If only they knew!

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