Country Floral Bedding with a New Spin

May 10, 2019 2 min read

Country Floral Bedding with a New Spin

Country Floral Bedding With A New Spin

It’s understandable the warmth and coziness of floral bedding appeals to you for your country bedroom. It’s a classic, timeless choice.

However, today’s modern bedroom demands new country floral patterns and an updated color palette, too. No more floral prints that you might see in a museum. Instead, check out the latest offerings that suit your contemporary lifestyle.

Wild Rose Design

Traditional florals usually look like potpourri. Why not try our loose and fanciful wild rose design instead?

Our Mystic Garden collection offers soft, open rose petals and winding stems with buds to add variety and interest to your bed, without overpowering the room. This pattern instantly adds that country vibe to your modern bedroom.

Classic & Contemporary Colors

Typically, country florals are in pastel shades. Mystic Gardens does feature pastel pink flowers, but also the less common soft sand and taupe grey. It’s a great neutral color choice if overwhelming pastels don’t appeal to you.

Both colors work exceptionally well with our coordinating Extra Deep Pocket Printed Sheet Sets. However, this print goes well with bright white and sand-colored sheets too.

Comfort Extraordinaire

Mystic Garden, part of our Briteyarn Cotton Collection, offers the unparalleled comfort of 100-percent cotton in a sateen weave. It wicks moisture away from your body, it’s ultra-soft and the 300 thread count ensures your bedding will last for years.

Choose from a finely embroidered quilt set or a soft, fluffy duvet cover set that’s certain to set the mood for a long, restful night. You can’t beat the comfort of cotton for a cool, comfortable sleep.

Exceptional Quality

The Mystic Garden collection is made with care. The quilt’s embroidery ensures the 120 GSM microfiber fill stays put and never lumps. The piped edges provide a clean, crisp finish which you typically only find on very expensive bedding.

Our pillow shams also provide ample coverage so your pillows are completely covered, instead of leaving that irritating gap in the back. Our products are made to last, so you won’t find seams unraveling when you launder your bedding, either.

Unbeatable Prices

Good quality cotton often comes with a very steep price tag, but paying more doesn’t mean you’re getting better quality. The profits from higher prices typically pay the middleman’s cut as well as fancy packaging and marketing.

Southshore Fine Linens brings products directly to you without all the fuss. We choose high-quality goods from our manufacturer and ship them to you from our headquarters in Las Vegas, NV. You avoid the unnecessary packaging and marketing costs, and save.

Professional Service

Southshore Fine Linens doesn’t sell you bedding products without support. We want you to love your products and we’re here for you if you need us.

We are a U.S. company and offer professional customer service. Happy customers mean repeat customers and hopefully you’ll share your positive experience with others too. If you have a question or concern, contact us. We back our products.

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