Top Meditation Apps for Better Sleep

Throughout our lives, we are on the go, never really finding a moment to truly unwind and relax, and whether we live in a bustling metropolitan area or a quiet suburban neighborhood there is always a sense of work involved, especially when we have to dedicate a portion of our lives to our jobs. The routine of a work schedule seems never-ending; we wake up, go to work for eight hours or so, then return home to continue any chores that were left unattended, making it a cycle we don't even think about, and not only is it physically draining it's mentally taxing as well. You may be wondering, what can one do to truly let go and release all that pent-up frustration before bed? How can one loosen up and find a sense of peace and rejuvenation before we close our eyes and drift into slumber? One could say a therapeutic massage would help but given how short on time a lot of us are and how limited we are to such resources, monetarily speaking, no one wants to pay hundreds of dollars for a forty-five-minute session and still feel stiff and stressed before bedtime, so what would be the alternative? Well, we live in an age of modern science with endless possibilities are our fingertips, quite literally, so with that being said, some apps and programs will allow us to find that inner peace we're searching for. Meditation apps offer guides and techniques that will help us transcend into a safe space, energizing our minds and reinvigorating our bodies. Listed below are a few apps that will help you on your journey to sleep better, and these recommended apps are available on both iOS and Android.

Man Relaxing outside in a hammock


Calm is an app that has many uses and it is quite diverse in its way offering a selection of sounds to help keep your mind at ease. It has 30+ white noise sounds that are available for download for free, and it has relaxing stories one could listen to when needing a bit of a snooze; these are stories that are talked through to help you relax. The next part of this app is where it shines, Calm has a meditation menu that gives you 100+ meditation options and levels for different for users to pick from. The last option Calm has to offer is music options, each having a specific reason or function for a good night's rest. Aside from the many available resources this app offers, they do have masterclasses for premium members, taught by experts to make the experience that much more unique, catering to the needs of the users searching for a restful sleep. The app itself is about $40 a year and it includes many features available to users even if you don't pay for the service, the app offers a multitude of free content for everyday use. Now, there is a lot of content within the app and some may be frazzled not knowing where to start but take it slow, you will find a pattern that suits you best once you get the hang of the app.


An app with an emphasis on science, Headspace helps you make the most meditation techniques easy to understand and simple to do, whether you're lying in bed dozing off or taking a stroll around your neighborhood to unwind for a bit, this app takes it to a whole new level with its simplistic approach to meditation; did I mention there is a guided meditation for children as well? The meditations Headspace offers are about a minute or so, and there is a wide range of topics to pick and choose from that will help with sleep. and although a lot of the contents offered in Headspace need to be paid for there are some trials that can be selected, at least to give the user an idea as to what to expect from using the app. The app itself is about $50 per year, a fair price to dabble into the world of meditation and sleep, and as mentioned before, there are samples and trials for new users.

10% Happier

 A story in your hands, an app where one can try it for 7 days for free and from there decide to upgrade to the premium account, 10% Happier has been rated the #1 Top listed app in New York Times ‘How to Meditate’ guide. The app has meditation experts to guide you through a journey that will guide users on ways to destress and relax, focusing on different aspects of sleep; from falling asleep to nights of insomnia, 10% Happier has a section strictly focused on sleep. Aside from the many sleep programs offered, the app is $99.99 per year, and although for some it may be a steep price, the app itself offers 20% of its programs free of charge.

Smiling Mind

If you're looking for something either affordably cheap or downright free then look no further, Smiling Mind is a non-profit organization that makes their app available to anyone searching for meditation and sleep, and it's 100% free. Their focus is primarily on mental health and they believe there should be easy access to programs that will help with meditation. Although their app isn't primarily for sleep it does aid in sleeping due to the meditation practices found within the app, all backed by scientific research, which helps improve your sleep as a result. There are many other apps out in the market that help with sleep, each catering to a specific need for each individual. Sleep is essential, it dictates the mood for the following day and without a good amount of rest, our bodies, as well as our minds, start to fail us, which affects our day-to-day, which can be a short-term, if not a long-term detriment. For all my readers, please rest as best as you can, do the absolute most to sleep, nap, snooze, catch some zzz, you know the drill, it will be for your betterment and it will help you function much more efficiently.