Chaotic to Relaxing: Minimalist Bedroom 101

Minimalism interior design is on the rise, and understandably so. We live in a world that is hectic, always on the go, and full of material belongings. Our busy, stressful lives mean we need a personal oasis more than ever. Check out these tips to transform your bedroom into a relaxing minimalist oasis.


Declutter First

Declutter First

Having a cluttered home directly correlates back to how we feel about ourselves and is associated with an increased level of depression and anxiety. Yet, more and more of us keep buying things we don’t need. As possessions pile up so does our stress level.

Your bedroom should be a peaceful place to rest your head and shut out all of the chaos of the outside world. Creating a minimalistic bedroom doesn’t mean you have to be extreme and get rid of all of your possessions, and it doesn’t mean living in a cold, boring space either. Begin by making note of all of the items in your bedroom that you aren’t using, and then, get rid of them

Yep, you heard me right. While it can be difficult to part with those jeans that no longer fit or your old worn out tennies, it can also be liberating. As your bedroom becomes clear of clutter it will immediately become easier to relax.

Keep it Simple but Still Comfy

The key to creating a minimalistic bedroom is to evaluate the purpose of every item. You don’t have to have a big budget to create a sleek look and feel. Simple geometric furniture with clean lines such as a platform bed frame, mid-century nightstands and desk and floating shelves will have your room feeling simple yet sophisticated. As you update your bedroom be sure to keep your comfort in mind. Our 6-Piece Extra Deep Pocket Sheet Set is available in many neutral shades and comes with two extra pillowcases so that you can create your plush comfortable dream bed to complement your newly open space.


Go with a Neutral Color Palette

Neutral doesn’t mean boring. A black and white color scheme is a popular choice as it creates a simple yet stylish look with the contrasting color combination. However, you’re definitely not limited to those colors, beige, grey, taupe, and charcoal, and even a light blush all fit into the minimalist style.


But Don’t Be Afraid of Some Color

You don’t want your room feeling cold and lifeless so don’t be afraid to let your unique personality shine through after all your bedroom should celebrate your individuality and style. A great way to do this is to introduce an accent color. Emerald green has been trending in interior design as it creates a luxurious feeling and ties back to a natural botanical vibe. Accent pillows, simple wall art, and some natural elements such as plants will all liven up your space while keeping your minimalist style intact.


Enjoy your Newly Refreshed Minimalist Bedroom.

So there you have it, taking the chaotic clutter out of your room isn’t difficult, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Embrace your inner minimalist and create your own personal bedroom oasis that makes shutting out all of the hustle and bustle of the world easy.