How to Create a Stylish Teenage Bedroom

Creating a stylish teenage bedroom may be easier than you think if you consider the things your teenager loves the most. Teenage bedrooms are a way for your child to express their personality and style. Their room is where they can escape and be themselves away from the rest of the household. However, it is also a place that should promote relaxation and give them all the essentials needed to thrive.

What Should You Consider When Designing A Teenage Bedroom?

There are many facets to designing a cohesive room, no matter which room in your home you are working on. When it comes to your teenager’s bedroom, consider some of the following ideas:

  • Functional furniture
  • New wall decor + design
  • Refreshed bedding + textiles
  • Increased storage options

Two Kids Playing in their Bedroom 

Sit with your teen and brainstorm fun, new ways to freshen up their space for the next few years. Your teenager's bedroom should showcase their personality and incorporate everything they need to feel comfortable. Their bedroom should enhance their sleep, allow them to study hard, and hang out with friends.

Furniture that Promotes a Multi-Functional Space

Teenagers need their own space, so they tend to retreat to their bedrooms. Spending more time in privacy means their bedrooms are for much more than sleeping. This space is where they can hang out in peace, spend time studying, and have friends over. So when you are picking out furniture for the space, whether it is pre-existing furniture or new pieces for an entire room make-over, consider these three areas

  • A comfortable sleeping area
  • A productive study space
  • A space for social gatherings

Whether your space is big or small, you can achieve balance for your teen by incorporating all three of these areas. Maybe a social space is simply some throw pillows and a rug. The study space could be a ladder desk for small bedrooms that rely on vertical space. Creating a private sleeping space is as easy as adding mosquito netting around the bed or sectioning it off with a tall freestanding shelving unit. Whatever way you decide to design your teen’s bedroom, these three spaces give your teen has everything they need to feel at home.

Designs + Colors that Bring Our Your Teen’s Personality

Decorating walls makes an impact on any space in your home. Changing the wall color is also one of the most affordable ways to change up a space. If you are on a budget, you can easily make your teen’s room stand out simply by adding a new, vibrant color to the walls.

Another way to make an impact and honor your teen’s personality is with wall designs. Adding designs brings more fun and energy to a space. Some ideas for your child's walls could be

  • Geometric designs with paint or decals
  • Custom-printed wall treatments
  • Wall decals
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Neon or lighted marquee signs
  • Wall tapestries
  • Adding a chair rail or board + batten accent wall

 Teenager Bedroom with Blue Accent

There are numerous ways you can jazz up the space simply with a few materials and the walls. Doing this is the easiest way to create a theme throughout the room that you can then carry into the bedding, accessories, and room decor.

Refresh the Space with New Bedding + Textiles

Teens spend time in their rooms because their space is more comfortable, relaxing, and private. Seeing this is most common in teenage girl bedrooms because they love a good fuzzy pillow or an oversized blanket to soften up the space and give them all the cozy vibes. And we can’t blame them one bit! Who doesn’t want to come home from a long day at school and snuggle up in bed under soft sheets and blankets?

 Also, selecting bedding and comforters that are solid allows your teenager to play with color and patterns in other ways, such as throw pillows or accent pieces throughout the room. Sticking to neutral colors for your comforter or duvet allows your teen to switch up the accent pieces when refreshing their space in a budget-friendly way. Because let’s face it, teens are constantly changing their minds and trying new trends and styles.

 Other ways to bring textiles into your teen’s space would be with items such as 

  • Faux fur rug
  • Fuzzy throw pillows
  • Tapestries or fringe
  • Textured curtains

Whatever pieces make your teen feel cozy and safe in their spaces will help them thrive in their stylish teenage bedroom.

Create Increased Storage Areas for Clutter-free Bedrooms

Teens and bedrooms are typically a recipe for disaster when it comes to organization. If you set up your teenager’s space for success by giving them ample storage space, it will reduce the amount of clutter in their rooms. Physical clutter creates mental clutter. The less clutter in your teen's space, the better.

So how do you incorporate storage into their space that doesn’t feel clunky? You need to make sure their storage is as fun as their space is! Creating functionality that doesn’t take away from their personality is important. Whether you include a storage bench at the foot of the bed or under-the-bed storage bins, make sure you designate each storage space for specific items.

What Are Some Current Stylish Teenage Bedroom Trends?

Feeling stuck on where to start with your teen’s new bedroom? Here are some recent trends that may give you the perfect place to begin!

Boho-Inspired Rooms

Boho-chic rooms are often adorned with copious amounts of cozy textiles and cozy bohemian-inspired sheets, tapestries, and throw pillows. Boho style is here to stay, and many eclectic teens gravitate towards this trend.

Rock Themed Rooms

This theme is perfect for the music-loving teen. If your son or daughter plays an instrument, make it the focal point of their room and incorporate musical notes, records, and anything that gives a neat flair to the space.

Scandinavian Rooms

This minimalist-inspired space is trending big with teen girls. Scandinavian rooms boast soft textures, floor beds, and twinkle lights. Think of investing in a comfortable soft white bedding set and a macrame swing to complete the space.

Industrial-Inspired Rooms

Faux brick walls, mixed metals and wood, and deep hues are the cornerstones of an industrial-inspired space. These rooms are calm, cool, and collected with a rough-around-the-edges appeal to them.

Glam Girl Rooms

The ultimate girly-girl space will boast a neutral palette that gives off a rich and moody vibe by incorporating vibrant jewel tones. Excess throw pillows, textured duvets (like this pintuck pinch pleated duvet), and faux fur rugs will complete the ultimate girl space.

Ready to Create the Stylish Room of Your Teenager’s Dreams?

We know they’ll probably change their minds in a year or two, but giving your teenager the space they need to grow their personality is necessary. There are so many options to help your teen develop their unique style, so take this time to bond with them and create the room of their dreams. Invest in new bedding, furniture, and accessories that will grow and evolve with them over some of the most important years of their lives.

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