Luxury Bedding On A Tight Budget

May 18, 2018 3 min read

Luxury Bedding On A Tight Budget

Contrary to what many manufacturers might have you believe, luxury bedding doesn’t need to cost a fortune. It’s more about finding what suits the way you sleep, your budget, and how the bedding feels. Here are a few simple ways to help you choose luxury bedding on a tight budget that you’ll love for years to come.


Does Thread Count Really Matter?

So many manufacturers claim the higher thread count in their luxury bedding is the reason for a higher price, but that’s a bit misleading. While thread count does measure the threads per square inch, many makers twist threads of double yarn to reach the higher amount. They may also apply a finish that washes out so your sheets no longer look or feel good as when you bought them. However, it certainly doesn’t mean they’re better, softer, or they’ll last longer. The quality of bed sheets depends on the length of the fiber and the weaving and finishing process. It’s about quality, not quantity.


Luxury Cotton Bed Sheets

Look for bed sheets made with a single yarn and extra-long staple fibers when making your selection. Extra-long fibers are softer and last longer than short or long fibers and tend to wrinkle less. The single yarn means a 300 thread count set of sheets often rivals a 1200 thread count set with doubled yarn at a fraction of the cost. Bed sheets like these Sweetbrier Print 100% cotton, extra-long staple linens offer a luxury feel, durability, crisp patterns, bright colors, and amazing value.


Luxury Microfiber Bed Sheets

Microfiber gets a bit of a bad rap for several reasons. First, manufacturers justify their luxury bedding that costs hundreds of dollars, when other products can often do the job just as well for a tenth of the price. Second, claims that microfiber does not “breathe” are over-exaggerated. They are synthetic and may breathe slightly less, but they certainly do breathe. They’re woven, not made from an impermeable material. Advances in man-made fabrics make it hard for most people to tell the difference and unless you sleep very hot at night it won’t make the slightest difference. Microfiber bed sheets works well in busy households and offer a very soft, luxurious finish. They’re easy to launder, don’t require ironing, and they’re a dream to sleep in. Buy sheets with a 100 GSM weight such as these luxury Vilano Springs in classic colors.


Duvet Covers, Quilts & Comforters

Your sheets are what you’ll notice most for feel, but the comforter, duvet, or quilt you choose is what adds the luxury, finished look. Choose based on whether you sleep warm or cold, room temperature, and the look you want to create. Manufacturers offer all three of these products in a variety of weights, so you needn’t think of them as just for cooler weather.


Luxury Duvet Cover

You can buy a luxury duvet cover affordably, and it’s easy to launder. Just slip it off, turn it wrong side out and wash according to the manufacturer’s directions. This Winter Brush Collection offers the convenience of microfiber, the luxury softness of a double-brushed finish, and it’s reversible! This Myosotis Scorpioides Duvet Cover Set offers the silky, smooth luxurious sateen finish of 100% cotton at a very affordable price.


Luxury Quilt

Quilts offer a great way to create a sophisticated luxury feel easily. They’re inexpensive, easy to launder, don’t shrink, and come in many colors and quilt patterns. This Vilano Springs 3-piece embroidered quilt set offers 18 colors and a small quilt pattern to keep batting firmly in place when washing and drying. This Myosotis Scorpioides 100% cotton quilt offers soft colors and patterns and honeycombed quilting for increased durability.


Luxury Comforter

Comforters are basically a duvet with an attached cover. They’re fluffy, luxurious and a joy to sleep under. They come in many weights and suitable for all seasons. For instance, this All-Season Down Alternate Comforter comes in 15 colors and it’s ideal for spring and summer weather.


Luxury does not mean expensive. It’s creating a state of comfortable living and extravagance within your budget. Choose bedding wisely and you’ll sleep luxuriously with ease.

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