How To Update Your Kid’s Bedroom

Is your little one ready to transition to a “big kid” bed? When children shift from a crib to a daybed, it’s an exciting, albeit apprehensive, time. As a parent, you worry that they may not sleep as well, but the twinkle in their eye when looking at new beds helps you push through any nerves. Such an important milestone comes with other changes, too. Your child’s room is likely still decorated as it was when they were born. 

Sheep and lambs on the bedding and walls must make way for superheroes or princesses. Or was it dinosaurs? Maybe even unicorns? Young children change their preferences often, it's true, but don’t let that stop you from updating their bedroom. You can make the move to a “big kid” bedroom with these tips that will allow them to change their theme as many times as they change their mind. 


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Update Your Kid’s Bedroom In 5 Easy Steps 

Updating your kid’s bedroom doesn’t have to look like an HGTV project gone wrong. Instead, take advantage of these simple changes that will last with them through all ages and stages. 


  1. Pick The Right Bed 

The most important things to consider when looking for a “big kid” bed are comfort, versatility, and quality. 


Firstly, you want your child to be comfortable at night, so they rest well. Look for mattresses that are similar in firmness to your child’s current crib mattress. With such a significant life change, the last thing you want to do is rock the boat further. Moving your child from a soft crib mattress to an ultra-firm twin mattress will likely backfire, so keep the feel of the mattress as close as possible. Additionally, ensure that you measure the new bed’s frame to match the dimensions of the mattress. 


Secondly, while it’s tempting to purchase something fun, like a race car bed, you may want to think again. Though your child may be over the moon about it now, race cars may not be as cool a year from now, and you’ll need to find a new bed. Pick a solid metal or wood-framed bed and have fun with the pillows instead to maximize versatility. 


Lastly, opt for beds with sturdy materials that will last through the “jumping on the bed” phase of your child’s life. 


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  1. Update Bedding 

Once you have the bed frame and mattress selected, you can start looking at the bedding. Again, while your child may want Paw Patrol bedding right now, it pays to go with more neutral bedding for longevity. 


Our Brickyard 6-Piece Daybed Set (pictured above) is an excellent choice for this. The set comes with a quilted daybed cover, three decorative sham covers, a one-bed skirt, and a 12 x 18 neck pillow. Plus, it’s fully machine washable (a must with littles) and about as cozy as possible. 


Once you have a neutral bedding set, you can add in a fun set of sheets, a throw blanket, stuffed animals, and textured pillows for dimension. Our Geometric Maze Sheet Set comes in various neutral colors that match perfectly with the daybed set. Plus, the pattern adds a touch of whimsy.


At Southshore Fine Linens, you’ll find all kinds of styles and fabrics to suit any budget, personality, and taste. From six-piece sheet sets to oversized quilts, you can customize your purchase to make even the pickiest kiddo happy. 


Get even more inspiration by reading our blog, Best Bedding Choices for Kids and Teens.

 Southshore Fine Linens Geometric Maze Sheet Set in Blue


Don’t be afraid to go with white bedding, either! White bedding can be easier to maintain with children because you can bleach it if there are night-time accidents or juice spills. 


  1. Refresh The Walls 

Another way to makeover your child’s bedroom is with some paint, decals, and shelving. A fresh coat of paint can be an inexpensive way to update a room and give it a clean, new start. Try keeping walls more neutral and interchangeable. Soft blues, sage green, tans, and grays on the walls go with just about anything. 


If your child wants more excitement on their walls, opt for removable wall decals. Wall decals are easy to apply and come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and themes. Plus, you can simply remove the decals and start over again when your child wants to change it up. 


Lastly, a few floating wall shelves are ideal for adding photos or displaying toys and books. 

 Royalty Free image of a kids bedroom

Photo credit: Pexels 


  1. Add Pops Of Personality & Personalization

You can further add color and personality to your kid’s bedroom with accent pillows, wall art, rugs, frames, light fixtures, storage containers, and accessories. A bright red lamp with a few Paw Patrol pillows and decals can make your child’s personality shine through while allowing them to change their preferences later on. 


A bedroom can also be an ideal space for showcasing important people and accomplishments. Show off their latest piece of artwork in changeable frames to create a rotating gallery. Here are a few gallery wall ideas to get you going! 


Place photos of friends and mementos on floating shelves. Add their initials to a wall or as bookends. The options are truly endless!  


  1. Get Organized 

Anyone with children knows that keeping clutter to a minimum is quite a challenge! Tiny toys and trinkets tend to grow over time, and before we know it, our child’s bedroom is littered with stuff. Keep the clutter and Lego pieces contained with some furniture that doubles as a “hiding spot” for toys. 


Collect all the action figures, games, dolls, and puzzle pieces and sort them into categories. Divide the room into “zones.” A storage ottoman can double as a seat and a stuffed animal holder. A cube storage bookcase can be both a library and a wrangler of action figures. 


Ultimately, aim for a layout where everything has a “spot” so your child can easily clean up after playing and keep their new room looking spiffy!


Build A Better Bedroom With Southshore Fine Linens

As a parent, you look forward to celebrating the milestones in your child’s life. It’s a blessing to witness each age and stage, from their first tooth to their first steps to their first big bed. Though updating your kid’s bedroom may seem like a major undertaking, the process doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. 

Simple changes like paint, wall art, and multi-purpose furniture can let your child’s unique personality and preferences take center stage. And, perhaps most importantly, a high-quality bed with buttery-soft bedding from Southshore Fine Linens will ease the transition and allow your child to drift off to sleep in comfort.