Best Bedding Choices for Kids and Teens

Making the best bedding choices for kids and teens can be daunting!

In an ideal world, your kid would pick out the perfect set of bed sheets for himself. He’d find bedding that fits the budget, matches his unique sleep style, and is easy to launder. Hey, maybe he’d even pay for and wash the sheets himself!

Who are we kidding - that’s probably not going to happen (unless you’re the luckiest parent on earth, that is).

That’s why you need to consider this guide to the best bedding choices for kids and teens!

Finding the Right Bedding for Kids and Teens: Factors to Consider

Shopping for the younger members of your family can be a challenge - especially when you get multiple (often stubborn!) personalities in the mix.

Here are a few factors to consider when looking for new sheets, comforters, and other bedding essentials.

Coordinated...or Stand Alone?

This is one of the most important factors to consider when you’re shopping for bedding for anyone - but especially for kids and teens who have themed rooms with specific styles. If your child is old enough to provide some input, ask him whether he wants a matched, finished effect in the bedroom or if he’d rather have bedding that stands out.

 For a cohesive look, choose bedding in colors that complement the paint in the bedroom for a more cohesive look - it doesn't have to be matchy (and ideal, it shouldn’t be the exact color or it might look too matchy-matchy). Choose a darker or lighter shade of the same tone to set the scene.

If the goal is to have a bolder, more stand-alone effect, choose a statement-making duvet cover in bright shades or vibrant patterns.


Depending on your child’s age, you might not be able to buy just any old bedding. You need to make sure the sheets, comforters, and any other accessories match the size of the bed (be it a toddler bed, twin bed, queen bed, or anything else). Be sure to double check to make sure the bedding is the corresponding size!


Kids sleep a lot (at least, if we’re lucky, they do!). Therefore, it’s important that their bedding be as comfortable as possible.

Fitted sheets and fluffy duvet covers tend to be the best options for comfort along with low-maintenance appeal.

All-season comforters tend to be soft and cozy to sleep in. Plus, they don’t have to be changed out constantly, making them a good choice for kids who are always on the go.

Ease of Cleaning

Functionality is another important consideration to make.

Remember, your kids aren’t just going to sleep in and on their beds. They’re going to sit there, do homework there, and, much to your chagrin, probably snack there, too.

Therefore, you should look for bedding that is easy to launder and stays clean relatively easily. A fabric like microfiber is a good choice, since it is comfortable, easy to wash and dry, and less likely to stain.

Microfiber is a good choice for its versatility, too - you’ll find it in just about every style, pattern, and color.

When considering fabric types for teen bedding, remember that kids generally don’t want to spend a lot of time (or any time) making the bed. Choose one that’s easy to manage and doesn’t wrinkle easily or you’ll find yourself with unnecessary messes on your hands.


Finally, consider the quality and safety of the fabrics you choose. Look for those that are durable and comfortable and remember that many kids have sensitive skin.

You’ll also want to consider any special needs your child might have.

 If your child has allergies, a hypoallergenic fabric might be in order. For the child who is still potty training or is in the bedwetting stage, waterproof fitted and flat sheets and mattress protectors are a good idea.

Best Bedding Choices for Kids/Teens: 3 Options to Try

Looking for a few suggestions? Here are some of our favorite bedding options for kids and teens.

1. Best Printed Duvet: Boho Bloom

This printed duvet is a great choice for kids and teens for several reasons. It’s available in several sizes, including twin, and comes in a bright, whimsical pattern that stays up to date with the latest boho trend.

 Boho Bloom Duvet Cover Set

Plus, it’s reversible, meaning it can be flipped and flopped to meet your child’s ever-changing preferences. It’s machine washable and made with double brushed microfiber fabric.

2. Best Sheet Set: Extra Deep Pocket 6 Piece Sheet Set

Available in dozens of colors, these sheets are comfortable and super soft. They are fully elasticized and fit securely on most mattresses - no more power struggles as you try to convince your kids to make the bed in the morning. These slide on effortlessly and won’t pop off the mattress at night. 


They’re machine washable and super soft - plus, they come with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty.

3. Best Quilt Set: Botanical Leaves Reversible Quilt Set


Botanical Leaves in Grey Quilt Set

This quilt set also comes in multiple sizes, from twin to California king, making it easy to find the one that will fit perfectly on your child’s bed.

It is reversible and comes in numerous colors, making it easy to customize based on the aesthetic of your child’s bedroom. It has fine embroidered details and is made with double-brushed, machine-washable fabric. While it looks fancy and hard to care for, it’s actually a cinch to clean.

It’s warm without being heavy, and since it’s reversible, will allow you to easily change the feel and appearance of the room. A real win-win!

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