How To Keep Your Bedding Clean When You Have Pets

If you have a pet that loves to climb onto your bed, you likely already know the pains of keeping your blankets and pillows clean.

Sure, sharing your bed with your pet can be a great source of comfort as you cuddle at night and wake up to its cute face in the morning. But there are downsides, too—lingering fur or dirt can be difficult to clean up.

Even pets that don’t share their owners’ beds shed hair, fur, and dander that end up on bedding and upholstery. And if you don’t take measures to clean them up, these allergy-inducing, bacteria-carrying substances can linger for six months or longer!

If you have a pet at home, you can avoid respiratory issues and allergies when you keep your bedding clean. Fortunately, it’s not so difficult to do so—you just need to maintain consistent cleaning habits and use the right products to wash your pillowcases, blankets, and comforters.

We have put together a list of what you need to do to keep your bedding clean if you have pets. Let’s dive in!


1. Put a Blanket or Quilt on Your Bed 

If your pet sleeps with you at night, you can spread a fleece blanket or an embroidered quilt on top of your bedding. These will provide an extra layer of protection, as most of your pet’s fur will collect on them and not all over your luxurious comforter or luxurious 300 thread count duvet cover.

Blankets and quilts can add a pop of color and personality to your bedding, and they are much easier to clean compared to comforters and duvet covers. If your pet loves to nap on your bed during the day, keep this top layer to protect the rest of the bedding underneath.

You can also opt for one in a dark shade so fur won’t be spotted so easily!

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2. Select the Right Fabric and Thread Count

If you allow your pet to sleep on your bed, you must carefully choose the fabric and thread count you use for your bedding. Cotton sateen bedding with a high thread count works well and is durable and long-lasting.

Stay away from cotton, jersey material, or nylon. These fabrics attract hair and fur, which can be difficult to clean off. Cheap fabric will not last long after deep washes, either.

Pet hair clings to wool, so it’s best to avoid it as well.


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3. Keep Spare Sheets Handy

Always keep a few extra sets of sheets on hand. You can use them when your current set is in the wash or if soiling accidents require a change of sheets.

Make sure all of your bedding options are comfortable and cozy, so you and your pet can always get a good night’s sleep!


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4. Wash Your Bedding Regularly and Properly

If you don’t want to replace your current bedding with fabric that will attract less hair, you may need to bump up your cleaning schedule to keep your bed odor-free and spotless. To optimize your wash and remove lingering odors and fur, toss your bedding into the dryer first and run it on an air cycle or no-heat cycle.

The hair will be loosened by the tumbling action and sucked into the dryer’s lint filter. Clean the clogged lint trap immediately and remove everything that’s collected from your bedding. This will prevent any contaminants from being redeposited onto the other things you wash. Clearing the lint trap will also increase air circulation and prevent odor buildup.

Wash fur-covered bedding on its own—don’t mix it in with other upholstery or clothing to avoid cross-contamination.


5. Vacuum Your Bedding

You can vacuum your bedding in between washes to keep it clean. Use the brush attachment and run the vacuum cleaner over your linens. Empty the vacuum bag or dust cup after each session to ensure maximum suction.

After a thorough vacuum, use a clean, damp sponge to wipe your bedding and remove any remaining pet hair.


6. Use a Brush or Lint Roller

Another way to keep your bedding clean between washes is to use a sticky lint roller or clothes brush to remove loose hairs and fur.

You can use an anti-static spray to loosen any lingering hair before utilizing your lint roller or brush to clean it thoroughly.

If you don’t have a lint roller or clothes brush, wrap packing tape around your hand with its sticky side facing outwards. Pat the tape all over your bedding to remove stray hairs. You can also use a microfiber cloth or a cellulose sponge to pick up foreign objects on your bedding.


7. Use Rubber Gloves

Another handy tip for getting rid of pet hair is to use rubber dishwashing gloves. Put them on your hands and carefully wipe the surface of your bedding. As you rub the gloves across the fabric, you will create static that can pick up stray hairs.

You can also lightly dampen the gloves with water before running them over your linens. This may attract more hair than dry gloves. Once the gloves are covered in fur, rinse them off, and repeat.


8. Steam Your Bedding

If you love your blankets and quilts and use them even if your pet sleeps with you, note that they will likely attract hair. So it’s important to clean and steam your bedding the right way to ensure cleanliness and longevity.


9. Bathe Your Pet Frequently

You shouldn’t just focus on your bedding; you need to clean your pet, too!

Give your pet a bath once every one or two weeks to remove the dirt it accumulates on its body each day. Regular baths will keep your pet’s coat clean and healthy. Actively removing dead hair can also help reduce its shedding.


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10. Brush Your Pet Regularly

If you can, groom your pet multiple times a week to encourage shedding. This way, you can remove loose hair in a controlled manner instead of waiting for the fur to come off on your bed.

Pets, like dogs, need frequent brushing so that their fur continues to grow properly. Groom your pet as much as they allow to reduce the build-up of hair on your bed and in other areas of your home.


11. Get a Pet Bed

Giving your pet their own bed and training them to sleep there can help you reduce the amount of time they spend on yours. This will significantly reduce the amount of hair, fur, and dirt on your bedding, so you can easily keep it clean and odor-free for longer.


12. Use Patterned and Printed Bedding

This is not a cleaning tip, but more of a camouflaging tip. If you aren’t allergic to pet hair, or you don’t mind pet hair on your bed as long as it’s not too visible, you can opt for patterned and printed sheets, comforters, quilts, and duvet covers.

These lovely patterns will add a bit of color to your room, and more importantly, they will help hide any lingering pet hair on your bed. With this simple change, you won’t see pet hair strewn all over your linens anymore!


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13. Try Obedience Training

Even if you don’t mind your pet jumping on your bed, it’s best to instill a bit of discipline so you can remain in control.

Train your pet to wait for an invitation before they jump on your bed. So on nights when you don’t want them climbing up there with you, you can command your pet to sleep on their own bed and limit shedding on yours!

Choose a simple command, like “up!” or “down!” and use positive reinforcement to instill good behavior.


14. Close Your Bedroom Door

When you don’t want your pet to sleep with you, or you want to keep them out of your bedroom when you step outside, close your bedroom door. This is an easy way to keep your pet out of your bed and keep you from worrying about pet dander lingering on your linens.



Sharing your bed with your pet is a great bonding experience, and it can lead to evenings full of comfort. However, it can become stressful due to the pet hair you discover on your bedding every morning.

Our list of tips should help you keep your bedding clean, safe, and odor-free. Regular maintenance will also extend the life of your high-quality blankets, comforters, pillowcases, and duvet covers.

If you’re looking for pet-friendly bedding, Southshore Fine Linens offers a wide range of luxury bedding and linen products that will meet all of your needs. These soft, plush, and affordable options are crafted from durable materials that can last for many years.

Contact us today and let our team of experts help you choose linens that will suit your preferred bedroom aesthetic.