Benefits Of Making Your Bed Everyday

Morning people are a different breed of individuals, thriving in the morning, basking in the morning sun, ready to take on the day and all its chaos. If you're anything like me or most human beings on this planet we don't look forward to the light of the morning day. We keep our eye masks on, we come alive in the darkness like bats, and although it feels great to stay in and be borderline reclusive, we must make an effort to push ourselves to move our monolithic bodies out of bed and to start the day on a positive note. So, where am I going with this? I'm sure you can already guess where the topic of conversation is heading, and although it's something a lot of us dread doing, given how lethargic we feel in the AM and how... rushed, we feel when snoozing that alarm over and over, causing us to jump out of bed and make haste in the morning activities before heading out of our house and that, ladies and gentleman, is making the bed every day! Yes, I know, making the bed, Eek, who does that? Many people make their beds which brings many positives in doing so.

A neat clean made up bed with layers of bedding

Let's imagine for a moment that we have booked a trip to visit a major destination, we've been stuck at the airport for hours, getting through to TSA, we board the plane, sit four hours on end, we finally land and we're on our way to our hotel. We're handed the keys to our room, we rush to the elevator to head up to our designated room and once we open that door, the first thing we see as we enter our hotel room is a beautiful and nicely made bed; we take a moment to appreciate the work housekeeping put into making the bed for us, almost feeling bad knowing we are going to undo all their hard work for us to take a well-deserved nap. The point I'm trying to make is, as silly as it sounds, making the bed puts us in a good mood at the start of our morning, just seeing how nicely kept our bed looks put together after taking the time to fold our oversized king comforter and place it over our bed, then fluffing and stacking the pillows and placing them uniformly and with that, adding final touches, like a tray with magazines or some simple throws to add dynamic to our already tidy bed, it's satisfying and although it may be somewhat of a routine in making our beds it sets the tone for the day and it becomes easier every day to do so.

A bed with multiple layers of bedding

"I have a king bedding set, it's so heavy and too much work to organize every morning!" Says the lazy goose that has to work their way into a messy bed to get comfortable. Think about it, why are people so active in the morning? Why are they so ready to tackle the day? Those individuals have made a habit of setting a morning routine to start the day right, they take joy in seeing an organized bed and in doing so prompts them to keep the tidiness going. When you make your bed your mind automatically shifts to other parts of your bedroom and you think, "What else is out of place?" "What can be improved in my bedroom?" We start to make sense of what will make our room much more organized, we feel motivated to keep our rooms well-kept in every possible way and from there, keeping our homes tidy overall and that becomes a positive habit that will be very hard to break.


Our moods are dictated by our own actions and outside factors, they can either make our days go by expeditiously or make them go at a snail's pace, and frankly, a lot of us want our days to be over fairly quickly. Time is relative, and it is interesting how when we're in a happy state of


mind time just seems to be the least of our worries, right? Well, making the bed is a great way to improve our overall mood. Another factor that is a heavy hitter when it comes to making our bed is stress; we have enough with life weighing down on our shoulders, why not reduce it a tad bit by coming home to a made bed? Think about it, you took the time to go out to the stores to purchase some cozy bedding sets, you might have bought a pair or two to change when the time comes to interchange them, it feels good to see how neatly set up those sheets look when your return home from a long day at work or a day filled with errands, it puts our minds at ease and lowers our stress levels, and that has positive effects on our mood, why not be consistent with those habits? It's beneficial for our minds.

A made up neat clean bed

All in all, reading books, researching case studies, or having your mom yell at you to make the bed won't cause you to change your habits overnight, the effort must come from you but let's be honest, who doesn't love seeing some fitted sheets without wrinkles? Who doesn't love going on google and searching for bed sheets and seeing how cute some decorative pillows might look when trying to bring the whole aesthetic of a well-organized bed together? It starts with a little bit of effort, and that effort becomes a snowball effect, causing you to wake early and look forward to making your bed, setting the tone for the rest of the day and the week as well. It becomes addicting and it's a positive habit that will help with your mood, your outlook, and your organizational skills.