How To Create a Feng Shui Bedroom

A good feng shui bedroom design is inviting, nourishing, and full of positive energy. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to craft your bedroom so it fulfills the basic rules of feng shui.

Follow these tips and you’re certain to create a peaceful, yet invigorating space to strengthen your spirit, body, and mind.

No Electronics Zone

Your feng shui bedroom is your place to rest and rejuvenate. Consequently, it’s no place for distraction or potentially harmful electro-magnetic fields.

Don’t place a television, computer, or exercise equipment in your bedroom. Leave your laptop and cellphone outside and make your bedroom a haven of peace and tranquility, not work, social media, and stress.

Purify the Air

Your body and mind needs clean air to function properly. Place plants well away from the bed in a large bedroom. They add oxygen and remove pollutants. A fern, spider or snake plant, or aloe vera helps cleanse the air.

If you have a small bedroom, skip the plants and opt for an essential oil diffuser instead. Use woodsy, citrus, or mint pure essential oils to add scent and remove toxins.

Feng Shui Your Bed

The position of your bed in the room is important. First, don’t set your bed directly in line with the door. Second, leave space on both sides of the bed. Finally, include a bedside table on either side.


The bed itself plays a vital role too. It must be well-dressed, balanced, comfortable, and clean. Luckily, it’s simple to create a great looking, comfortable bed when you rely on a bedding collection. Designers coordinate the pieces and you access a great range of colors, styles, and patterns that work well together instantly. Plus, it’s usually less expensive than buying pieces separately.

Choose Feng Shui Colors

Feng shui colors soothe and provide the best flow of energy for sleep and healing. Choose white, off-white, bone, taupe, gold, or rich chocolate brown like those seen in this affordable all-season down alternate comforter. These “skin colors” with natural tones are best for energy flow.


Feng Shui Images

When adding art to your walls, choose happy, inspiring images that teem with positive energy. Don’t overpower your bedroom with too many photos or paintings. Simplicity is a key design element.

De-Clutter & Organize

Don’t clutter the room with knickknacks. Showcase your most cherished items that conjure up good feelings. If an item doesn’t make you feel good, store it, gift it, or donate it to a local charity.

Organize the closet and dresser drawers too. Energy can’t flow freely amid confusing messes, plus you’ll find things more easily and free up space.

Low Level Lighting

Candles create an intimate, warm space, but choose battery-powered units to eliminate fire risk. Alternatively, install an LED rope light with a dimmer switch or an adjustable bedside lamp so you can lower the intensity of the light.

Sleep With All Doors Closed

Close your bedroom, closet, and ensuite bathroom door when it’s time to retire for the night. This keeps energy in the room where it can benefit you most.


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