Colors of 2024: The Year's Six Most Anticipated Shades

A color like renew blue bed sheets and pillowcases from Southshore Fine Linens.

Are you ready to refresh your living space with the hottest hues of the year? Today, we're diving into the world of color trends, specifically the much-anticipated color of the year for 2024.

As homeowners, interior designers, and decor enthusiasts, keeping up with these trends can offer a wealth of inspiration and a breath of fresh air for your next project.

So, let these shades ignite your creativity, and stay ahead of the game with Southshore Fine Linens.

1. Renew blue

Valspar has introduced renew blue and named it the color of the year for 2024. Professional interior designers, fashionistas, and at-home decorators are already incorporating this serene and calming shade into their spaces.

This shade is a tranquil blend of blue and seafoam green, offering comfort and wellness amidst uncertain times. It's lighter, brighter, and more playful than a traditional blue, making it perfect for a bright statement wall or as an accent color in any room.

You could also pair it with glass or metallic decor to create a sleek and modern look with a friendly and relaxing touch. Bedding is also a great way to incorporate renew blue into your home, as it's an uplifting and peaceful color for finishing the day.

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2. Forest green

Forest green is a rich, deep color that is reminiscent of the lush, dense foliage of a thriving woodland. The cottagecore trend, which celebrates a romanticized rural lifestyle, has influenced the popularity of this color.

This shade of green is both calming and invigorating, symbolizing growth, renewal, and the natural world.

Forest green can be used in interior design to create a serene and grounded atmosphere or in fashion for a bold and earthy statement. It has a receptive effect that not only enhances natural lighting but can also create a cozy and intimate ambiance.

Think reading rooms, accent walls on a patio, or a backsplash on a sophisticated bar.

The color is versatile and pairs well with neutral tones, earthy browns, and even vibrant jewel tones for a striking contrast. It's a timeless color that never goes out of style, reflecting the enduring beauty of nature.

3. Lavender

Among the forthcoming color trends, one hue that stands out is lavender. Emerging as a popular shade for 2024, this delicate color perfectly encapsulates a sense of tranquility and elegance.

Lavender is a soft, floral tone that brings to mind sprawling lavender fields blossoming under a clear sky, filling the air with its soothing scent. But the current trend is all about getting away from the floral design itself and instead using it as a simplistic statement hue.

This color is not just aesthetically pleasing; it also carries a sense of calm and relaxation, making it an excellent choice for creating serene spaces. It's also a great choice for a small space because it can make a room feel bigger and brighter.

Pair it with shades of gray and white for a modern, minimalistic look, or combine it with pastel pinks and greens for a dreamy, feminine touch. You can also give it a bit of contrast and vibrance by pairing it with dark and moody tones like navy or emerald green.

4. Burnt orange

As we look toward the color trends of 2024, burnt orange is a hue that captures attention. It's a rich, earthy shade reminiscent of autumn leaves, glowing sunsets, and warm spices.

It can also be paired with modern elements and clean lines for a contemporary twist. Want a mood lift? Orange is known for its optimistic and energetic properties, making it a perfect color for the kitchen, dining room, or living room.

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5. Dusty rose

Dusty rose emerges from the recent trends of pastel colors, bringing a touch of vintage charm to any space. The trending colors 2024 are all about creating a soothing yet chic atmosphere, and this soft shade of pink nails it with both aesthetic and emotional appeal.

Dusty rose is a sophisticated and versatile hue that imparts a soft, warm glow to any space or outfit. It speaks of quiet elegance and understated luxury, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a gentle yet impactful color.

It makes for a warm pop of color when pillows, throws, or curtains are used in neutral-toned rooms. Dusty Rose can also be a feature color on walls, adding depth and character to a room.

Pair it with brass accents or natural wood for an elegant and timeless look.

6. Goldenrod

Goldenrod is more than just a color; it's an energy-infused trend transforming home decor. Named after the vibrant, earthy yellow wildflower, this shade is synonymous with nature's optimism, embodying life, vitality, and positivity. It's one of the spring 2024 color trends to keep an eye out for.

Imagine a living room warmed by goldenrod throw pillows or curtains, instantly transforming the space into a welcoming haven. Or consider a kitchen invigorated by goldenrod accessories or a statement wall, making the heart of your home even more inviting.

Bed linens in this radiant hue or a feature wall could create a calming yet energetic ambiance. Even your bathroom could benefit from a touch of this sunny color. A goldenrod shower curtain or towels can breathe life into the space, adding a rejuvenating twist to your morning routine.

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