Home Hacks That Will Change Your Life

We all have woes and stresses as homeowners and homemakers…and wish that we had some miracle home hacks up our sleeve to make our life easier!

Have cleaning and organization to-do’s around the house that you never seem to get to? Have you been glumly looking over your utility bills, wondering how they got so high? And stressing over all your in-home expenses?

You’re definitely not alone.

Maintaining a home can be a full-time job--and if you don’t get through your to-do’s fast enough on a regular basis, or handle finances using smart strategies, they pile up and can become total nightmares. Even seeking out help can be overwhelming, thanks to the endless lists of household hacks out there that promise to save you time, money and energy. But you don’t have to wade through the sea of unhelpful resources that don’t really make a difference in your life. We’ve got you covered.

We’ve done the research and strategizing for you, and put together the top 3 life hacks for your home, from cleaning and organization hacks to major money-saving tips, to alleviate the strongest home-related headaches. You’ll wish you learned these years ago!

Put down the aspirin and let’s go through each in turn...

  1. Make Cleaning Products at Home; There’s a Cheap, Easy Recipe for Absolutely Everything

From OxiClean to Swiffer and everything new hitting the shelves every year, there’s no shortage of household products that promise new and innovative ways to clean.

But here’s the thing; cleaning products are usually a huge money waster. They are all made with super similar ingredients and just packaged and marketed to do different things. You can actually make just about anything at home for a WAY cheaper price tag. There are countless DIY solutions and homemade remedies that are just as effective as big-brand products -- for a fraction of the cost. Here are our personal favorite recipes, that maybe even your grandma didn’t tell you about.

All-Purpose Cleaner

It’s almost impossible to keep your kitchen and bathroom squeaky clean, no matter how hard you scrub or how often you clean. But you don’t have to spend an eternity (or a fortune) cleaning those hard-to-remove spots. Instead, make this all-purpose cleaner at home that works on tile, showers, ovens, grout and more.

Start by pouring a ½ cup of baking soda into an empty bottle. Next, add a ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide and a teaspoon of liquid dish soap. Shake the mixture and spray it on those ultra-tough spots. Let it sit for five minutes and then wipe the solution off with a towel or sponge. This fast-acting remedy is more effective and less expensive than the strongest of store-bought products.

Dish Tabs

Dishwasher tabs are a staple of the modern home. And it makes sense; they’re effective, and easier to use and less messy than loose powder! But their cost really adds up over time. By creating your own homemade dish tabs, you can save some hard-earned cash, extra trips to the store, and a ton of plastic packaging (since many brands package each tab individually!).


Just add a cup of baking soda and a ¼ cup of citric acid to a large bowl, mix it up, and pour into empty ice cube trays. Remove any overflow and let the makeshift pods sit for a few hours until hardened--and voila!. These tiny little tabs fit perfectly in a dishwasher and you only need one per wash cycle. Just store them in an airtight container, and you’ll never look back!

Microfiber Cleaner

Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but cleaning microfiber products can make you feel like you’re in cleaning hell. Microfiber products, like couches and bedsheets, are often stain-resistant; but if they do happen to get stains, they are ultra-tough to clean because of their fiber density.

Thankfully, there’s a simple microfiber cleaning solution you can make at home. Just fill a spray bottle with warm water and add a few drops of liquid detergent, white vinegar and baking soda. Spray stained areas with the solution and scrub until it’s damp. You can then dry the spot with a hairdryer and your microfiber will look brand spanking new.

Microfiber is actually our first choice when choosing a fabric due to its stain-resistance, ultra soft feel and durability. And you will make your life easier by purchasing microfiber products! Check out Southshore Fine Linens microfiber products -- and use this 15% off coupon to save on your first purchase!

  1. Organize All Those Areas You Can Never Quite Get Organized with Genius Solutions

Let’s face it, organizing your home is hard. No matter how much you declutter and organize, it always seems to revert, or never be enough. And there are always those areas on your to-do list that you need to reorganize but somehow you never get to them!

The key to an organized home isn’t giving everything away, or using the same old tactics. If you keep doing the same things, you will continue to get the same results.

It’s about creativity. Here are some of the best home organization hacks that will make a massive difference in your home.

Use a vertical bakeware organizer in the kitchen

We’ve all dreamt of having a perfectly organized kitchen straight out of HGTV. Most kitchens, however, are so overflowing that they’re better suited for an episode of Kitchen Nightmares.
The secret to organizing your bakeware is this; simply flip a bakeware organizer vertically and secure it to the wall with cable clips. This amazing organization hack will free up so much precious cabinet space you’ll be jumping for joy, and, it allows you to easily pick up items without clanging around your pots and pans and risk scratching the Teflon!

Free up closet space with cable straps

Running low on closet space? Everybody is. Forget about yet another donation to Goodwill or piling multiple items onto each hanger, and buy some cable straps instead.

Cable straps are a godsend for anyone who needs to free up closet space. These nifty little devices help you utilize every extra inch of space between your closet’s wall and closet rods.

Simply screw the cable straps to the wall and put extra hangers on the straps, especially to hideaway items like scarves, ties, belts and purses, linens and more.

  1. Save a Ton of Cash on Your Monthly Utilities by Revolutionizing the Way You Consume Energy

You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with an endless stream of penny-pinching techniques to save money. Saving money on home expenses usually boils down to one thing: energy efficiency. You can easily slash your utility bills by investing in these amazing energy-saving products.

Install low-flow water filters

Saving water is one of the most useful (and eco-friendly) household hacks. That’s especially true when you consider that the average person uses 80-100 gallons of water per day.


By simply replacing shower heads with low-flow models, you can save hundreds of dollars alone. You can save even more if you’re replacing an older model, as many old shower heads use up over 5.5 gallons of water per minute! Faucet aerators can also help you achieve water savings of 25 to 60 percent.

Want to know the best part? These products only cost about $20 a piece. It’s a small price to pay to save thousands over the course of their life cycles.

Install energy-efficient lights

One of the easiest hacks of all is switching to energy-efficient light bulbs. They last up to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs, and each one can save you hundreds of dollars!


By replacing your light bulbs with ENERGY STAR models, you’ll be able to change your bulbs way less frequently and save big on your monthly utility bill. Plus, there are tons of different models to choose from, including halogen incandescents, CFLs and LEDs. If you haven’t made the switch yet throughout your whole house, don’t put it off any longer! Your wallet will thank you later.

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