Home Decoration Trends for the 2022 Holiday Season

Home Decorated for Fall Season

Preparing for the holiday season involves several tasks. Gatherings with family and friends involve coordinating schedules and making transportation plans. Shopping for gifts and gift wrapping is customary, and many people also send Christmas cards during the holiday season.

Holiday decorating is also a long-standing tradition. Home holiday decor is so popular that Americans spend an average of $213 per year on holiday decor. Let’s explore the latest holiday decor ideas you can use to fill your home with the holiday spirit.

Why is holiday decor important?

Home decor transforms indoor and outdoor spaces. Choosing appealing colors can put you at ease in your home, and you can change the look and feel of any space with your furnishings. Adding seasonal decor prompts you to look forward to the holiday season. Your Christmas decor can improve your state of mind, combating seasonal depression and ensuring you enjoy the holidays. 

Twenty Home Decoration Trends for 2022

Indoor Living Spaces

Christmas Tree
  1. Themed Christmas Trees. Transform your Christmas tree with thematic ornaments. You can share your passions with thematic ribbons and ornaments. Feature trains, dogs, or baked goods with your decorations, or choose a color palette and use that for your theme. 2022’s Pantone Color of the Year is Veri Peri. You can draw inspiration from this periwinkle blue shade when choosing your decorations. Whether you keep your tree in the corner of your living room or your recreation room, you’ll want to spend time enjoying your stylish thematic tree decor. 

  1. Wall Decor. Decorating your walls is a fantastic way to transform indoor spaces without losing floor space. Deck the halls by hanging garlands and indoor Christmas lights. You can also display an advent calendar that lets you count the days until Christmas. Traditionally, people hung stockings by the fireplace. If you don’t have a mantle, you can get a faux fireplace display to hang on your wall, creating a dedicated space for your Christmas stockings.

  1. Dine in Style. The holidays often involve social gatherings. Since it’s customary to serve food at parties, holiday party decorating ideas often feature dining room decor. Cover your table with a seasonal tablecloth. Use a yule log or miniature Christmas trees as centerpieces. 

  1. Stylish Ceilings. It’s common to overlook ceilings when planning seasonal decor, but utilizing your ceiling space is a fantastic way to put a unique holiday spin on any space. Hanging snowflakes will make it look like you’re living inside a winter wonderland. Other decorations you can hang include pine cones, bulbs, bells, strings of tinsel, or pine bough garlands.

Bedroom Decor

  1. Seasonal Bedding. Christmas bedding is one of the simplest ways to prepare your bedroom for the holidays. A Christmas quilt set adds a festive touch, and plenty of bedding sets are available. Choose between holiday bedding with woodland animals, snowflakes, or Christmas patterns. 

  1. Holiday Mirror. Add a festive touch to your bedroom mirror by framing it with tinsel or garland. You can also use your mirror’s frame to showcase Christmas cards you receive from family and friends.

  1. Children’s Wonderland. Turn your child’s room into a holiday wonderland by hanging battery-operated candles from the ceiling with invisible wire. Frame your child’s room with strands of Christmas lights and add Christmas plug-in night lights to their outlets.

  1. Stylish Entrances. Turn bedroom doors into presents by covering them with gift wrap. You can also add festive cheer by hanging wreaths on bedroom doors or displaying Christmas cards on your doors. 

  1. Door Centers. Hang up holiday mazes and other activity sheets covered with contact paper. This is a fantastic way to turn your child’s bedroom door into an activity station. The contact paper lets them complete the sheets with a dry-erase marker without marking the doors, entertaining them for hours.

Classic Touches

  1. Lanterns. Lanterns were once household essentials, providing a safe space to set candles. Today, lanterns are stylish decorative items that add classical flair to your indoor spaces. Wrought iron lanterns can be mounted on walls or hung from hooks. You can also set your lanterns on sideboards and coffee tables.

  1. Nutcrackers. Nutcrackers have a historical association with Christmas. Germans considered nutcrackers to be lucky symbols that would ward off evil spirits. Since Tchaikovsky’s play The Nutcracker debuted in 1892, people have associated nutcrackers with Christmas because the ballet takes place on Christmas Eve.

Popular Figures

Santa Claus

  1. Santa Claus. Santa can inspire your decorations in any room. Focus on red and white decorations with black accents. Your Santa-themed decor can feature Santa figurines hanging on your Christmas tree or mini Santa hats hanging on garland throughout your home. 

  1. Snowmen. Snowmen are seasonal figures you can display at Christmas and throughout the entire winter. Snowmen ornaments look fantastic on Christmas trees because their white color contrasts perfectly with dark green boughs. 

  1. Gnomes. Gnomes are popular figures and many people traditionally added to gardens. People have recently started adding gnomes to their indoor decor, using these mythical creatures to decorate for Halloween and Christmas.  

  1. Bears. Traditionally, people gave children teddy bears as Christmas gifts. This created a connection between the holidays and stuffed bears that’s endured to this day. Today, you can draw inspiration from teddy bears for your holiday decor. Feature bear ornaments on your Christmas tree, and add bear figures to your lawn when you decorate outdoors.

Your Home’s Exterior

  1. Front Door Displays. Use seasonal decor to turn your home’s entrance into a welcoming space. Add a holiday wreath to your front door and frame your doorway with garland. Wrap white pillars with red ribbon and add candy canes along your sidewalk to give your entrance a festive, candy-inspired look during the holiday season.

  1. Window Displays. Turning your home’s windows into decorative focal points doesn’t take much. Cover your windows with wrapping paper from the inside to make them look like gifts. Alternatively, you can place battery-operated candles in each window and hang a wreath above the candle to give your home a classic seasonal look. Oversized bows are a fantastic alternative to wreaths.

  1. Christmas Lights. Christmas lights are a classic design element that never goes out of style. You can choose between regular multicolor Christmas lights, icicle lights, and Christmas projection lights that create colorful displays on your home’s exterior. In addition to adding Christmas lights to your house, you can wrap your mailbox stand, light posts, and fir trees in outdoor lights. 

Lawn Decor

Christmas Decorated House

  1. Christmas Sleigh. Santa’s sleigh is one of the most popular symbols of Christmas. Add a sleigh to the center of your lawn and fill it with Christmas presents. You can even add elves and reindeer to your sleigh display.

  1. Inflatables. Inflatable decor is trendy. It’s easy to store because the nylon exterior doesn’t take up much space when deflated. You can add snowmen, reindeer, elves, gnomes, Christmas trees, trains, and gingerbread houses to your lawn display, thanks to inflatables. 


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