10 Fun Christmas Crafts to Make at Home

December 22, 2019 3 min read

10 Fun Christmas Crafts to Make at Home

10 Fun Christmas Crafts to Make at Home

T’is the season to stay inside where it’s nice and warm, and we’ve got some festive craft ideas you can have fun creating with your family. These ideas range from easy to moderate skill level, so there’s something for everyone.  We hope you create some lasting holiday memories with your loved ones this year while having a great time with these crafts!

Silhouette or Frosted Mason Jars

Mason jars can be picked up inexpensively just about anywhere, and they are so versatile. Paint a winter-silhouetted scene with acrylic glass paint and use as a candle holder, or coat the jar in mod podge and cover it in sea salt, glitter, or anything you can think of! String the jars up by securing twine around the mouth of the jar.

Popsicle Stick Characters

Popsicle sticks are another inexpensive and versatile crafting ingredient.  Simply stick them together in any shape or character with glue- Santa, sleds, elves, etc. Color the sticks with paint or wide-tipped markers, and embellish with pieces of felt, colored paper, buttons, or sequins.  This one is always fun and easy to do with kids, as well.

Homemade Ornaments

The sky is the limit when it comes to making your own ornaments. Felt, cardboard, paint, glitter, pre-cut wood pieces, ribbon and holly berries can all be assembled with a simple glue gun.  Make it into an ornament by boring a hole through the top and securing with thin twine.

wood cut handmade christmas ornaments

Painted Stockings

Can’t find the right stockings this year that express the individuality of each family member?  Go beyond simply writing your names on them and create your own custom patterns or pictures with acrylic paint on a blank stocking.  Embellish with trinkets and a glue gun for an extra special touch.

Holiday Wreaths

The possibilities are endless with holiday wreaths! Crafted with a base of floral wire, you can use fresh or silk foliage to make a wreath that expresses your style. Or you can go glam with foil or sparkle tissue paper and metallic elements. Once the bulk of your base is crafted, embellish with the details by using a glue gun or tying with thin wire.

person making a fresh christmas wreath

Paper Plate Christmas Trees

This is an easy one for the kids.  Simply cut a line on just one side of the plate from the outside to the center, then wrap it around into a cone shape and secure with glue. Paint the trees green and decorate with colorful pom poms or sequins.

Custom Greeting Cards

There’s nothing as personal as custom greeting cards to give to loved ones this Christmas. Simply purchase some card-stock thickness paper, preferably with some texture for water-based paints, and design your own cards in watercolor, gouache, or hand script in ink.

Handpainted Christmas Greeting cards

Jingle Bells

So much can be done with jingle bells to make your home more festive! They can be strung along thin wire or beading string to make napkin holders, wreaths or door hangers.  Simply bend the wire into the shape you want, string the bells, and tie the wire off at the ends. Add some ribbons for a finishing festive touch.

Toilet Roll Characters

Another easy craft for the little ones- toilet paper roll characters. Simply paint over empty toilet paper rolls, glue some googley eyes, ribbons, or pieces of felt to make the details.  Make Santa by adding some ruffled cotton balls as a beard or make them into reindeer by gluing brown pipe cleaners as antlers and a red pom-pom nose.

Foam Ball Snowmen

A Christmas classic craft, foam snowmen are easy to make and a blast to decorate.  You can purchase assorted sizes of foam balls from any craft store. Choose 3 balls that are gradually larger in size and slice off a bit of the outside from each ball to make a flat “base” to stack another ball onto and to stand the snowman upright.  Make sure you only cut one side of the smallest, topmost ball! Decorate your snowmen with felt, tinsel, use sewing pins as eyes or glue gun buttons and baubles to give him personality.

styrofoam snowman against a snowy backdrop

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