Five Simple (and Inexpensive) Tricks to Transform Your Bedroom

August 29, 2019 3 min read

Five Simple (and Inexpensive) Tricks to Transform Your Bedroom

Five Simple (and Inexpensive) Tricks to Transform Your Bedroom

So you want a new look for your bedroom, but you think it’s too hard or too expensive to make impactful changes. Luckily, switching up the décor in your bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

Easily transform your bedroom by following these five simple and inexpensive tricks. It’s not as hard or as costly as you might think.

Add Enticing Lighting

Today’s new lighting offerings make creating a better ambiance in your bedroom easy and affordable.

Add fairy lights to a dressing table, mirror or headboard for mood and originality. Wind them around inside of a mason jar or drape them from shelving to create interest and a warm glow.

Fairy lights and LED strings lights are very affordable and come in a multitude of colors. However, warm white is a great color choice for a bedroom as it warms the space with soft light.

Frame What You Love

Artwork can be out of many people’s reach when they’re trying to redecorate on a budget. Take heart! There are solutions.

Ruffle through magazines and pick out images you love. Try to choose images that complement your chosen bedroom color scheme. Alternatively, find a few wrapping paper patterns or wallpaper samples that appeal to you.

Visit your local dollar or thrift store and pick up frames. They don’t have to match, but when they do, it brings the images together. Play with them on the wall until you create a look you like. Hang and enjoy your new low budget, cutting edge art gallery.

Switch Up Your Bedding

We know, we know. You couldn’t possibly afford new bedding on a tight budget. Think again.

Good quality, stylish bedding is within your reach. Follow the latest trends and create a magazine-worthy bedroom.

As an example, Boho is a very hot trend at the moment and patterns include paisley, bold florals, and mixed prints. Southshore Fine Linens offer countless contemporary paisley choices in duvet cover, comforter, quilt, and bedsheet sets and they’re all under $40.

What about bold florals? We’ve got them too. The price? Yup, you guessed it -less than 40 bucks.

Mixed prints? How about this patchwork duvet or quilt set that mixes the prints for you? Whatever trend you’re looking for, Southshore Fine Linens has affordable options for you.

Boho Paisley Quilt Set in Aqua from Southshore Fine Linens

Real or Fake Greenery

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with adding fake plants to your bedroom, especially if your track record for killing plants could set an all-time record. Dollar stores carry them and there are usually oodles of artificial plants and flowers in thrift stores.

If you want living plants, try succulents. They’re alpine plants and they’re tough. Make sure the pot has good drainage and then just water the plant whenever you remember. They’re almost indestructible.

Treasure Hunt & Upcycle

Head to a flea market or thrift store and shop for a treasure. Find something that appeals to you, but isn’t in great shape.

For instance, choose an old mirror; beat up bedside table, vintage lamp, or a chipped and stained shelf. Now it is time to transform the object into something you love.

Give the shelf a shot of granite spray paint to create a statement in your bedroom. Distress the mirror with a crackle finish using nothing but inexpensive dollar store craft paint and white glue. Breathe new life into the vintage lamp by adding a new shade.

If you don’t know how to do anything of these, check online. There are countless decorating and DIY videos to walk you through the process.

You can transform your bedroom easily and inexpensively. None of these tricks cost more than $40, and most cost far less.

Use your imagination instead of your credit card. Experiment, show off your personality, and have fun!

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