Boho Vibe with a Twist

Not everyone wants their bed to be plain and boring. Some of us like our bed to make a distinct statement, with energy and interest. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to have a bedroom that might as well be a hotel suite. You don’t need to rely on neutrals or a plain duvet cover, comforter, or quilt either. Step out and add a Boho vibe with a twist for spice in your bedroom.

Blending Vintage & Modern

The Boho vibe is back again in 2019, but with a twist. It blends vintage with modern geometrics, complete with softer lines and colors.

Instead of brightly colored paisleys or florals, our Infinity Collection offers soft colors such as aqua, blue, and grey. The look for 2019 is cleaner and brighter, but anything but boring.

Our Boho Bloom Collection is another great choice for that eclectic, colorful Bohemian look that’s also unique.  It’s also reversible from Blue to White, so your bedroom look can be changed up with ease, and available in Duvet Sets, Quilt Sets or Comforter Sets.

Boho Bloom Comforter Set by Southshore Fine Linens

Unique Patterns

Once, Boho was exclusively tribal and folk patterns, ethnic designs, mixed prints, florals, and paisleys.

Today, Boho bedroom chic includes unique geometric patterns that push the boundaries of tradition and carry designers into the future. Geometric florals are a perfect example, as seen in our Infinite Blossom Collection.


Practical Fabrics

The Boho rage hasn’t faded, but it’s become more practical. Most people don’t have the time or energy to launder natural fibers and if you don’t handle them properly they’re ruined.

Linen, jute, lace, and burlap aren’t fabrics most of us can handle. You might as well throw your money out the window if you aren’t a laundry diva. Besides that, some of these fabrics aren’t particularly soft or well-suited to the bedroom.

Fast forward to this season, and designers have retained the Boho vibe, but without all the fuss. By choosing modern fibers, they still get the look, but bedding is super simple to launder and almost impervious to stains, wrinkles, and fading. Plus, they’re softer and more durable.

Our quilt and duvet cover sets are reversible too, so your bed always looks fresh and clean.

More Openness

The days of a cacophony of color throughout the bedroom are gone. In 2019, designers stress more open space so that your colorful bedding speaks volumes.

A single wall color provides a flawless base for a bohemian bedroom and it won’t steal attention away from your bed. You needn’t choose a neutral. Instead, pick a color from your bedding and set it free on the walls.

Embellish with Vintage Accents

Bring the old and the new together by choosing vintage mirrors and a Persian or Moroccan rug. Add a leather pouf at the end of the bed and toss a few fluffy pillows on the bed.

Drape your windows with rich, textured fabrics echoing your bedding colors. Paint an old chair in a vibrant, complementary color. Add a wicker basket for storage and add colored bulbs to lights to soften the lighting.

Boho Invites Experimentation

There’s no set formula for a Boho bedroom. Experiment and find what works for you. It’s the ideal style, because there are no rules. Start with your bedding and then add whatever you fancy and create a bedroom that reflects your personal style.