How to Create a Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Retreat

Rustic décor at one time reminded you of your grandparent's outdated log cabin. But recently has made huge comeback, and with good reason. It’s warm, cozy and focuses on natural materials bringing a little bit of the great outdoors right into your home. Follow these steps to create a natural, farmhouse look with a modern spin in your bedroom.

Choose Neutral Tones

Focus on the bed and choose soft and inviting bed linens. A neutral color such as tan, sand, off-white, or grey works well since these colors compliment natural materials, a must for rustic bedrooms. Since rustic décor brings nature into the bedroom, subtle floral printed patterns are a good choice. The Sweetbrier 100% cotton comforter is an ideal example of the look you’re trying to achieve. Consider layering with a quilt and a few decorative pillows for an extra comfy and inviting bed.



Utilize Natural Materials

Utilize natural materials as you create your farmhouse retreat using items from outside such as; cotton, linen, wool, and burlap. Sheer window panels make an excellent choice as they allow soft light to enter the room enhancing your country decor.


Add Texture

The soft linens in your room should balance against hard textures. Unfinished or weathered wood is the most common material found in a rustic bedroom making this an affordable style. Other materials you may want to include are brick or stone, but you don’t have to use the real thing. Countless wallpapers mimic these materials, and they’re easy to apply. Wicker, rattan, and wrought iron also work well for furniture and accessories in a rustic bedroom.


Re-Purpose Objects

Turn yardsale finds into treasure with a little creativity and elbow grease. Upcycle an old dresser, nightstand or chair by using chalk or milk paint for a distressed look. You’ll find many tutorials and DIY's online with step by step instructions. Repurposing bedroom furniture is simple, fun and most importantly easy on the budget. An old wooden crate can serve as a bookshelf, and a well-worn shutter can become a unique piece of art. A pair of worn wooden doors can be transformed into a one-of-a-kind headboard. Place an old wooden bench at the foot of the bed, or find a few tree stumps and use them for bedside tables. Let your imagination flow, you make the rules.


Add Finishing Touches 

Add a cozy throw blanket and rug to complete the look. A thickly woven throw provides an excellent opportunity to introduce hints of color. Faux fur is also a playful choice, especially when you toss it on the bed casually. Finishing the room with a rug adds the warmth rustic bedrooms are known for. Choose pleasing, subtle patterns or variations on the tone of your bedding to unite your design. It will look so inviting you may never want to leave. Remember, a rustic bedroom does not have to look like a log cabin. It can look clean and modern too. Focus on textures and natural materials to unite your design with neutral colors. It’s almost impossible to go wrong.