Waking up can sometimes be such a chore, the curtains might be slightly off in the am and that morning sun is peeking through, causing a bit of involuntary sweat, or maybe the temperature of our bedroom wasn't set accordingly, making it for a cold winter night. Regardless, many things can, and most of the time, will go wrong that can set the tone for our morning routine to go sour upon opening our eyes. One thing that can fix those morning mishaps is a good ol' breakfast in bed to make those morning blues dissipate along with those morning sweats. Picture this; your loved one, whether it be a significant other, your mom, your son, a person that is close to you, walk into your bedroom, they see how relaxed you look in bed, wrapped like a baby with your plush oversized blanket, catching some z's, they are hesitant to do so they wake you up ever so gently with a tray filled with delicious foods to start your day, it could be a bowl of your favorite cereal with some milk, a tower of flapjacks topped with some fruit and maple syrup, or a set of crispy bacon strips and some scrambled eggs, the possibilities are endless. Talking about food has opened up my appetite so let's dive right into the many combinations of breakfast in bed recipes that will have anyone ready to chow down from the comfort of their bed.

Bagel Breakfast on gray plate

One of my favorite breakfast dishes to have while feeling lazy in bed are some good old fashion bagel sandwiches and I know, there are a variety of combinations to pick and choose from, we're going to keep it simple. Now, what ingredients will we be using for our breakfast bagel sandwich? We have some butter, two eggs, avocado, some onions, and any preferred cheese but this time around we are going to go with swiss cheese. We start with two bagels sliced in half if they already come cut even better, and while we have the sliced bagels parted and laid out on the counter we wanted to add some butter to the bagels and lightly toast them, a convection oven, a toaster oven or a regular oven, any of these options will do. While the bagel is toasting, crack two eggs open into a bowl and start beating those eggs with either a fork or a whisk, it's up to you. Before we pour the beaten eggs into a pan we want to make sure we add a tablespoon of butter onto the pan and have it melted, then the eggs come after, and with that, use a spatula to flip the eggs over and over until we have a fluffy omelet; don't forget to add some salt and pepper to taste. At this point, the bagels should be toasted, go ahead and place the bagels on a plate and follow the next step. With the avocado, start by removing the seed and then cutting the avocado into thin slices, scooping it out of the shell, and placed directly on the bagel, simple as that. With the onions, it's ultimately up to you as to whether you'd like to eat them raw or cooked so in this case, we will simplify this dish by just cutting the onions into thin slices and placing them on top of the avocado. At this point, the eggs should be fluffed so using the spatula, slide the omelet off the pan and straight onto the bagel. Finally, we will finish this deliciously stacked bagel with some swiss cheese and, voila! A traditional egg and cheese bagel sandwich with avocado and onions, quick, easy, and oh so delicious.

Healthy Cereal Bowl on the Counter

I'm resting on my soft cozy bedding, feeling nothing but the utmost laziness and lack of motivation to leave my bed, so I ask anyone available to make me my guilty pleasure, the easiest breakfast to make yet the hardest in terms of variety and deciding, we have cereal and milk. Let's begin with our choice of cereal, we have the sweet frosted flakes, the flavorful fruit loops, or the bland raisin bran cereal with a hint of raisins; maybe we're in the mood for some marshmallows, so we opt for some lucky charms, or we might want some dried fruit, going with special k cereal, so good! Now, we have a selection of milk to pick from; we have regular whole milk to use but how boring is that? My new favorite milk to drink is a2 Milk, which is rich in protein and it keeps your blood pressure healthy due to the omega-3 fatty acids and potassium found in a2 Milk, all the while strengthening your immune system. Another fantastic option for milk as a dairy substitute is oat milk, one brand, in particular, is Oatly Milk, which is vegan and free from lactose, soy, nuts, and a great source of B vitamins but be advised that it is high in sugar and should be consumed in moderation.

Morning Pancakes with Fruits on Top

The combination of breakfast and bed derived from affluent married women in the upper class who had servants at their beck and call to provide for them, and all from the comfort of their beds, isn't that neat? Speaking of neat, the next recipe is a definite choice for most; fluffy flapjacks, a stack, you name your pick, you can't go wrong with some delicious pancakes. To get started, we need some flour, about a cup and a half, some baking powder, a pinch of salt, and some sugar; make sure to pour in some milk and one egg along with two to three tablespoons of butter until mixed smoothly. Then, we want to heat the pan we've coated with butter to a medium-high temperature, make sure to scoop some of the pancake batter into the pan and wait until you start to see some bubbling; don't be afraid to flip that flapjack and if it isn't a perfect flip it's okay, what matters is the color and we want it to be a golden brown complexion and we want to give each side a couple of minutes until fully cooked, then slide the pancake off onto a plate, and repeat the process until all the pancake batter is used. From that point on it's all a matter of customization, some may like some added powder sugar along with some maple syrup, some may prefer some blueberries with some blueberry syrup to complement the fruits, even some may just prefer a piece of butter added on top and melted, the choice is endless and it's a perfect start to a morning.


I just love the idea of breakfast in bed, who wants to eat at a dinner table when one could just cozy it up in bed and chow down on some tasty breakfast meals? I'm an advocate for lazy eating and given the times we live in, enjoying our time in bed is essential and being able to combine two of our favorite hobbies into one for a full dive into foodie heaven is utter bliss.