8 Best College Dorm Bedding and Bath Essentials for 2022

Preparing for college life can be a daunting task. There is so much packing to be done and multiple last-minute shopping trips to tick off the last of your to-bring list. And, of course, there is the dread of moving to an entirely new environment without your family or friends.

To ease the moving-out process, it is best to begin prepping for everything long beforehand. Do not leave things to the last minute, as it will only add to your stress.

Your dorm will be your home throughout your time in college, and it’s incredibly important to make it feel as comfortable as possible. It will be your space to relax and recharge after a long day, a place to do your schoolwork, and likely a spot to socialize as well.

Two crucial things that will help ensure your college dorm feels like home are high-quality bedding and bath accessories. There’s nothing better than ending a long day on the coziest bed sheets that remind you of your childhood bed. And you’re sure to get the good quality sleep you need to keep excelling in school!

Read on for our curated list of the best bedding and bath essentials that every college student must have in their dorm in 2022.


The Best College Dorm Bedding and Bath Essentials

1. Bedsheets

One of the most important things to get for your dorm bed is a set of fresh sheets. Unfortunately, this is where many people make their biggest mistakes.

With all of the costs involved before leaving for college, it can be very tempting to opt for one or two sets of cheap bed sheets. After all, you’ll be mostly unconscious when laying on them; surely you don’t need anything fancy, right?

Wrong. Cheap bedding is uncomfortable to sleep on and may even induce an allergic reaction. And low-end sheets won’t last very long—one scratch of your fingernails or a misadventure with a washing machine, and you’ll need to shop for a new set in just a few months.

It is best to invest in high-quality bed sheets that will last you for years without compromising on your sleep quality. Get at least two sets of appropriately-sized sheet sets for your college dorm room, and you’ll be all set.

At Southshore Fine Linens, you can find some of the best quality soft sheets that are comfortable to sleep on and will last for years of regular use. You can choose from a range of designs and different fabrics depending on your preferences: everyday essentials in neutral colors, pastels, botanical designs, paisley, and more! Rest assured that every sheet is made with the highest level of materials and has gone through multiple quality checks.


2. Comforters

Comforters are not named so for nothing—they are meant to be incredibly comfortable and cozy, the perfect thing to lay on after a tiring day at school.

When shopping for comforters, make sure to buy the right size. A twin-XL will work for most dorm beds, but you should confirm your bed measurements before purchasing any bedding.

You can opt for a full-sized comforter as it will fit just about any type of bed and then some! Consider it an investment, something you can use even when you upgrade to a bigger bed in the future.

Just like bedsheets, you should opt for high-quality comforters that will last for a long time. Our comforters at Southshore Fine Linens promise just that. The double-brushed 110 GSM microfiber fabric is going to make you want to stay in bed all day long. Our comforters also come with matching pillow shams to help you maintain your preferred aesthetic. We have many available designs for all types of college students: floral, plaid, even winter wonderland!


3. Quilt

If you run hot at night and prefer something not quite as warm as a comforter, consider getting a good quilt. Quilts are flatter and thinner than an average comforter, and they are very comfortable and cozy. 

Quilts are generally a better choice if you’re going somewhere with mild winters. You can get cozy with a quilt no matter the weather outside, and not just in your bed—you can get a quilt for your sofa as well!

You can find super soft, oversized quilts for your dorm room at Southshore Fine Linens. Our quilts are long-lasting, comfortable, and beautifully designed. A twin-XL size is generally big enough for a dorm bed. We also have reversible designs for flexible décor options.


Southshore Fine Linens Early Spring Set in Red


4. Duvet Cover

A duvet cover is a protective layer that goes on top of all of your bedding to keep them free from dust and dirt. Duvet covers are much easier to wash than a thick comforter or quilt, so it’s best to keep one on your bed whenever you aren’t in it.

Unlike bedsheets, the exact size of your dorm bed is not quite as important when choosing duvet covers. You can choose full-sized ones for maximum flexibility and future use. Duvet covers can also be used as a bed topping without an insert, especially during the hotter months.

If you’re looking for functional yet cozy and beautiful duvet covers, you don’t need to look further than SouthShore Fine Linens. We have a fantastic range of duvet cover designs that can easily enhance the look of your dorm room.


5. Bed Skirt

If you want to go that extra mile in decorating your dorm room, bed skirts are a definite must-have. Bed skirts, also known as dust ruffles, are decorative fabrics placed between the mattress and the bed’s box spring.

But they don’t just serve a decorative purpose. This bedding accessory prevents dust balls from forming under the bed. They are also used to cover the underside of the bed—it is especially useful when you store boxes and storage items there.

Bed skirts will keep the underside of your bed dust-free and give it a premium and luxurious look. While they may not exactly be a necessity, they can be a fantastic element to take your room design to the next level.

You can find a range of colored bed skirts at Southshore Fine Linens that will surely add a pop of personality to your dorm room!


6. Pillowcases

Pillowcases are just as crucial as bedsheets to ensure a good night’s sleep. Good quality pillows encased in soft, comfortable pillowcases are essential elements of a college dorm bed.

While you can always use the pillowcases that came in a set with your bed sheets or comforter, you should also buy a few spare ones. You can use them when your other pillowcases are in the wash or for contrasting décor on your bed.

At Southshore Fine Linens, you can find super soft, cozy, and comfy pillowcases that are sure to help you get a good night's sleep in your dorm bed. The cases are made from high-quality material and are made to last a long time.


Southshore Fine Linens Bamboo Pillowcases


7. Bath Towels

Your list of bath essentials will not be complete without high-quality bath towels. Keep in mind that you will have limited storage when living in a dorm, so you can’t take anything that takes too much space. There’s no need to haul a beach towel with you; a regular-sized towel will do just fine.

When looking for high-quality towels, look at the materials it’s made from, as well as the GSM number. Cotton towels with a high GSM are the best pick as they are gentle on the skin and easy to dry.

You can find ultra-soft bath towels made 100% from cotton at Southshore Fine Linens. Our 500 GSM towels are thick and comfortable, with zero-twist yarn material for everyday use. You can choose from a range of colors to suit your taste and room décor.


8. Hand Towels

Good-quality hand towels are must-haves for your college dorm as you will need them to clean up spills and dry your hands. When you eat and drink in your room, the risk of spillage is high, and it’s best not to use too many paper towels or toilet paper to clean up.

At Southshore Fine Linens, you will find super plush hand towels made of 100% combed cotton. These hand towels are made using the finest, zero-twist cotton yarn. They have a weight of 500 GSM, which means they are incredibly absorbent and feel luxurious on the skin. There are many vibrant colors that can suit your preferences.


Other Essentials

If you want to ensure maximum comfort while living in the dorm, here are some items you can add to your to-buy list before heading off to college:



For a memorable and comfortable life in college, make sure your dorm room is equipped with all the high-quality essentials you will need. You will be spending most of the next few years in your dorm, so it’s best to make it a cozy place to sleep and stay in.

Southshore Fine Linens is your one-stop-shop for the best quality bedding and bath essentials for your college room. Shop with us today!