5 Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom With Color

It’s pretty common for most individuals to go to stores with a checklist in mind, why? Who wants to go out, leave, return home, and realize, “I can’t believe I forgot the most important item of them all!”

Picture this, you walk into your local store that not only sells the groceries you’re looking for but beautiful home décor and knickknack’s that you’re dying to take home with you. You look to your checklist of items you need to purchase and realize that beautiful black lamp with gold trim finishes you’ve been eyeing is not on that checklist, what to do, what to do?

My suggestion, buy it!

Splurge a little, enjoy treating yourself to some items for your bedroom, you only live once, right? I think I could speak for most of us and say, it’s one of my guilty pleasures when I head for any store and end up leaving with more than I bargained for. My heart and mind were in perfect harmony when I chose to buy those Vilano Extra Deep Pocket Sheet Sets, especially in that gorgeous gold color, which will pair perfectly with that black lamp, see what I did there?

You may be wondering, where do the black lamp and sheets fit into this equation? The lamp doesn’t but the sheets do; I find it rather therapeutic decorating bedrooms in my head, I can say we’ve all done this at some point in our lives. The ideas are endless, from the fabric of the sheets of our beds to the colors of the walls we choose! 

 Vilano Extra Deep Pocket Sheet Set in Gold


Now, let’s circle back to the Vilano Extra Deep Pocket Sheet Sets, which come in a variety of colors, from vibrant gold, as mentioned before, to a deep dark blue, a set of microfiber sheets that are made to last and, they don’t shrink!

Now, one way to style these sheets with color is going for a simple approach, keep it monochromatic. Let’s go with the dark blue sheets, blue is a color that compliments most colors, and the tone itself is very calming; the psychology of blue is described to be a crowd favorite, usually preferred by men, and it’s a color that fuels most with relaxing thoughts and funny enough, blue is a color that has shown for people most productive and honestly if it were up to me, I’d make sure to have hints of blues in my room or else risk being a bed potato.


Vilano Quilt Set in White


A sure-fire way to have people talking is experimenting with colors that might be considered outside of your comfort zone, but think of it as a challenge! Our ultra-soft oversized quilt set comes in a few colors; we have coronet blue, steel grey, and white, all beautiful colors to pick from but, we do have one more color, and that is our purple.

The color purple is a rich color and will make any bedroom stand out when paired with the right colors, an example being dark blue walls with green furniture to give the illusion of a bigger feel, the colors in tandem give a luxurious feel and overall prestige to the bedroom, and the hues are so dark and so strong it’ll bring a sense of stability and power, especially since our bedrooms are places in which we spend most our lives in.

We live in a world of color and most of us can substantiate our love for all things colorful but, many believe in balance and simplicity, and that speaks volumes. White, a color synonymous with openness, is that, open to possibilities, options that can exceed the imagination, not to mention how it makes any bedroom look bigger than it is!

Let’s use our Pinch Pintuck Duvets as an example, “Perfect for wrapping up and draping yourself in softness for the best night's sleep”. Our duvet has a beautiful texture, which the name implies, and given how captivating the color white is, pairing this duvet with pops of color will give you the chance to diversify your bedroom.

 Southshore Fine Linens Pintuck Duvet


Furniture is key to a well-organized bedroom, do we go with wood? What shade of brown is the wood? Do we prefer a metal frame as opposed to the wood?

It’s honestly a matter of choice, some prefer a more rustic and cozy feel, and some love a more modern take on a bedroom, especially when it comes to industrial-looking furniture. Let’s say we go with the industrial feel, there’s a lot of minimums involved, lots of blacks and grey so we’re heading back to that monochromatic feel; the cool thing about this style of minimalism is that you’re able to add pops of colors to compliment the already minimal look, especially with expressive yellows and oranges to bring dynamic to your already serious bedroom, hints of bright color to make that room pop is essential.


A touch of fabric can make or break your bedroom but when done correctly, the results are oh-so-satisfying. Believe it or not, adding some texture to your bedroom is a sure-fire way of adding contrast; from the feel of a leather headboard with beautiful browns and gold button trimmings to a huge area rug in pastel purples, pinks, and blues, texturizing your bedroom will bring volume and depth, giving your bedroom much versatility while stabilizing the feel and colors that are in tandem with each other.

Velvets are perfect for adding some shine, and I usually love it when bedrooms are adorned with accent chairs in sultry colors like deep forest green and mauve, paired with faux fur rugs or multi-colored cow hid rugs to bring some range. Call me crazy but I love pairs that may not make sense at first and to most, it may seem chaotic or unplanned but in reality, it’s all controlled and leveled so that it brings nothing but satisfaction.


All in all, we have many options when it comes to decorating our bedrooms and I know, it seems like a whirlwind of crazy when it comes to bringing one’s vision of their ideal bedroom to life but I assure you, it can be done. With diligent research, trial and error, and lots of Etsy and Pinterest tabs opened on our phones, we can dream a bit and find new ways to bring identity and originality to our future bedrooms and dreaming is only half the work.