Best Ways to Decorate Your Airbnb Rental

Luckily, decorating your Airbnb rental is usually easier than decorating your own home. You live with your design day-in and day-out, but Airbnb guests come and go. Nonetheless, they expect good things when they shell out good money for your rental.

Here are the best ways to decorate your Airbnb rental so you deliver what guests expect and everyone’s happy.

Identify Your Ideal Guest

Understanding who is likely to rent your unit will help you identify how you should decorate it. Is your property suited to business travelers, honeymooners, weekend warriors, family vacationers, or singles on a budget?

Tailoring your décor to your target market increases bookings and customer satisfaction and saves you money. There’s no point investing in costly bedding if you’re renting to families with children who are very hard on it.

Conversely, business travelers probably expect crisp linens, a desk, and decent task lighting. As a host, knowing your ideal guest lets you invest in items that serve your guests well instead of wasting your money on items that don’t offer them value.

Picture-Worthy Décor Essential

Once you understand your ideal guest, it’s time to decorate. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a designer to create that picture perfect décor that is essential to attract your ideal guest.

A well-photographed decorated space increases interest and it needn’t cost a fortune. Designers suggest creating a theme that sets your property apart from the competition.

How to Create a Theme

Generally, it’s best to stick to neutral wall colors, as it appeals to more people. Choose plain, functional furnishings over expensive antiques or ornate designs.

Having said that, Airbnb guests do want a unique experience or else they’d just rent a cookie cutter hotel room. Consequently, one of the easiest and most effective things you can do is to create a unique space that reflects what your area has to offer through bedding and accents.

For instance, a ski lodge might include snowshoes and skis on the walls and a bed covered in a rustic red plaid quilt. If your rental unit’s near the beach, why not outfit the rooms with beach-themed items and cover the bed in an airy blue lightweight 100% cotton quilt reminiscent of the sea and sky?

A rental smack dab in the heart of the city might suit dramatic black and white photographs paired with a striking Tilted Tiles Duvet Cover Set. Add decorative pillows and a throw for texture and color.

Tilted Tiles Duvet Cover Set in Black by Southshore Fine Linens

Maximize Beds

If your rental includes a living room or den, consider adding a sofa bed or daybed to the area. This bumps up the number of people you can accommodate which can increase your rental income.

Daybeds are often overlooked, but they serve as seating during the day and an additional bed at night. They take up little space and can be very attractive when dressed with pillows as seen in the Brickyard Daybed collection.

Minimize Clutter

Don’t overpower your rental with clutter, or personalized, religious or political items. Guests don’t want to see your family photos or figurine collection and religious or political items can make a guest feel uncomfortable.

Guests want a space that functions well and it must be squeaky clean and smell good too. However, don’t overpower the room with artificial scent as some people are very sensitive to fragrance.

Provide Luggage Racks

Luggage racks protect your walls, furniture, and rental and help prevent the spread of bed bugs. They provide a place for guests to open and unpack their clothing, instead of plopping their suitcases on the bed.

Travelers may unknowingly contact these pesky critters while passing through airports and later infest your rental. It costs a fortune to eradicate them and you’ll lose rental income.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Visitors appreciate little touches that usually cost very little. Ensure there’s a USB charger and power bar available for their use. Some hosts add toiletries to the bathroom, but a few bottles of water in the refrigerator are probably a better choice.

Finally, don’t forget to provide plenty of towels! There’s nothing worse than renting a place and then reusing the same old towels. You can buy a six-piece set of towels for under $40, so don’t risk a bad rating for such a simple need.


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