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The Correct Way To Launder A Down Alternate Comforter
One of the greatest benefits of a down alternate comforter is its easy care. You can treat stains, and wash and dry it using your own front load washer and dryer. Obviously, this is a great advantage over a down...
How To Layer Bedding
Want to learn how to layer your bedding to create a luxurious, designer bed? Our post walks you through the process and explains how to do it easily and affordably.
Down Or Synthetic Comforter: Which Is Right For You?
A new comforter must look and feel great, but it also needs to suit your lifestyle. Use our comforter buying guide to avoid costly mistakes  and make the right decision.
Luxury Bedding On A Tight Budget
Discover how to outfit your bed with luxury bedding on a tight budget, without sacrificing selection or style. You can create and comfort extravagance, without breaking the bank.
Create A Shabby Chic Bedroom Design
A shabby chic bedroom is so trendy and also one of the least expensive bedroom styles. Uncover the principles ofthis timeless design and the secrets to create it affordably.
The Vilano Springs Down Alternate Comforter: Instant Designer Bedroom
The Vilano Springs Down Alternate Comforter offers designer style and amazing practicality. You don’t need to spend a fortune on bedding. Here’s what the Vilano Springs down alternate comforter offers.   Ideal for Fashionable, Practical Bedroom If you want to...
What is a Duvet Cover? Everything You Need To Know

Duvet covers offer the ultimate in style and convenience, so it’s not surprising they’re a favorite for homes and luxury hotels throughout the world.

A duvet cover is basically a fabric envelop which opens on one end to accommodate the duvet (comforter) itself. If you’re considering buying a duvet cover, here’s what you need to know.

Pure Melody Reversible Quilt Set
Don’t be pattern shy. The Pure Melody reversible quilt set adds interest to your bed, without overwhelming your room. It’s fashionable, lightweight, and offers a classic paisley design.
7 Ways to Prepare the Perfect Guest Bedroom
Prepare the perfect guest bedroom effortlessly with our step-by-step guide. Make your guests feel welcome and provide them with a good night’s sleep, without spending too much time and money.
Chaotic to Relaxing: Minimalist Bedroom 101
Are you tired of feeling stressed out in your own bedroom? Maybe clutter's getting the best of you. No worries, we have you covered. Check out these tips to transform your bedroom from Chaotic to Relaxing with our ultimate guide to creating a minimalist bedroom.
7 Reasons To Buy The Vilano Springs Quilt Set
Discover 7 reasons why the Vilano Springs quilt set is the ideal choice for a stylish bedroom. Change a drab bedroom into an outstanding statement, easily and affordably.
How to Create a Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Retreat
Today’s rustic farmhouse bedroom is nothing like what granny used to have. It’s the perfect way to add warmth, texture, and a distinctive style to a modern home.
Create a Bohemian Bedroom in 4 Easy Steps - The Southshore Fine Linens Blog
Create a Bohemian bedroom easily by following our 4 easy steps. It’s inexpensive, distinctive, and allows tremendous design freedom. Don’t follow the pack- choose Boho and imprint your style.
Extra-Deep Pocket Vilano Springs 6 Piece Sheet Sets
Our extra-deep pocket Vilano Springs 6 piece sheet sets are ideal for your pillow-top or Euro-top mattress, or a mattress with a topper. They’re stylish, economical, and include extra pillowcases.
How To Create A Fun, Practical Children’s Bedroom
Learn how to create a fun, practical children’s bedroom your kids will adore. With a little creativity and a limited budget, make their bedroom a place they’ll enjoy for years.
How To Tackle A Spring Bedroom Makeover
Want to know how to tackle a spring bedroom makeover without a lot of fuss? Follow our tips to rejuvenate your tired bedroom easily- even if it isn’t spring.
How To Properly Care For Bedding
Everyone wants a clean, stylish bed, so you needto know how to properly care for bedding. Otherwise, you’ll buy more often or your bed will look shabby.
Can The Right Bedding Improve Sleep Quality?
Discover how choosing the right bedding can improve sleep quality. It’s about more than your mattress and pillows - bedding needs to suit your lifestyle and how you sleep too!
Anatomy of a Bed Sheet Set
Bed sheet sets can vary greatly, so it’s important to understand precisely what you’re buying. Let us explain the anatomy of a bed sheet set from the inside out.
Laundering Microfiber Sheets Properly
Laundering microfiber sheets properly prolongs their life and keeps them looking good too. Let us explain how to choose and launder microfiber sheets for the ultimate sleep experience.