Percale Cotton 101: The Ultimate Guide

Have you been searching for the perfect bedding, only to end up confused and overwhelmed? The textile industry is full of technical terms and jargon that are sure to make the average consumers head spin. Percale cotton is extremely popular and for good reason but how do you know if it’s the right bedding for you? Luckily, our team at SouthShore Fine Linens has you covered. Read on to learn everything you need to know before taking the plunge and investing in Percale bedding. 

The History of Percale

It is believed that Percale cotton originally originated from India in the 17th and 18th centuries and then was later manufactured in France and other European countries. Due to the luxurious tight weave Percale quickly caught the attention of textile manufacturers and has remained a favorite fabric for textile manufacturers for centuries to come. 

What is Percale Cotton? 

Percale is a type of weave that is used to produce bedding, sheets, towels and other materials. Percale is known and loved for it’s cool crisp feeling. This is achieved by the series of vertical and horizontal threads woven tightly together. A rule of thumb is that the tighter the weave the smoother the sheets tend to feel.


Sheet Set


Benefits of Percale

What makes percale sheets such a popular choice? Cotton Percale provides a luxurious night’s sleep that will have you feeling like you’re sleeping in a five star resort. Cotton percale is extremely durable, fade, and wrinkle resistant. If you are a hot sleeper or tend to perspire at night percale will keep you cool and dry all throughout the night.


Percale Sheet Set

The SouthShore Difference  

When you’re in the market for quality bedding it can be easy to be misled or tricked into spending big bucks on inferior products. At SouthShore Fine Linens we believe that our customers deserve the very best quality products at a fair and affordable price. We source ultra-soft 200 and 300 thread count cotton percale, that is woven from 100% combed cotton for extraordinarily cool, crisp and durable bedding. Our sheets won’t slip off the bed as they have an extra deep pocket depth of 22 inches. You can be sure you’re sleeping in quality bedding as our bed sheets are OEKO-TEX Certified.
OEKO-Tex Label

What is the best thread count for percale?

Percale should have a minimum thread count  of 180.  High-quality percale sheet sets will be made of 100% cotton and have a thread count between 200 and 400.  When shopping for percale it is important to compare price, thread count, pocket depth, and set size.  Some percale sets can be priced at $200 or higher, but be careful these high priced sets don’t necessarily make them better.  At Southshore Fine Linens shoppers can find the highest quality percale duvet cover and sheet sets that cost between  $49.99 and $79.00.

How to Care for Percale?

One of the many benefits of Cotton Percale is that they are easy to launder. In fact the longer you care for your sheet set properly the softer they will become as the cotton fibers relax and break in over time, Be sure to check out our guide on How To Properly Care For Bedding.