Ultimate Checklist For Your Guest Bedroom

Most of us are quite fond of our alone time, it’s when we have our thoughts to ourselves and can truly think out loud, without any wondering ears listening in on our most inner thoughts, dreams, and opinions, it’s a moment where we just release those laboring voices, giving our minds the freedoms to decompress and relax.

Yes, we value our solitude, for most of us are reclusive to the core and prefer to be alone from time to time but, with that being said, we also enjoy having some company; for us, as humans, we not only enjoy the loneliness but we also enjoy the interaction and connection with other human beings, everything in life is a balance. I love having friends and family over to stay with me. 

Now, if you’re anything like me, I always prefer having a two-bedroom home, the reason being for the simple fact that I can convert that secondary room into an office/guest room, it’s a fabulous combination, and it allows one to explore many options in diversifying a guest room. That being said, we want to make our guests feel welcomed when having a guest room, and this is where an organized checklist comes into play when inviting guests to stay the night.


Cat laying down on a table next to sunflowers



Nothing is more welcoming than something as aromatic and satisfying as flowers.

Now, before adding some flowers to a guest room make sure your guests don’t have any pre-existing allergies or conditions that would give them a runny nose but if not and they’re in the clear, let’s continue!

Flowers give any guest room a welcoming feel and will bring some color to that space, whether it be some blood-red roses, some orchids with lustrous purples, or some colorful carnations, flowers will bring joy not only to your guests but to the overall environment; not to mention some plants can purify the air of toxins and we want our guests to have a clean environment in every sense. If you’re wanting to go the lazy route and I know must do, a simple air freshener will give the guestroom a nice scent; diffusers see a great option as well, much softer on the nose and much more aromatic.


Charging Cables and Wifi Password

We live in an age where electronics are located in every room in a home and are usually there for convenience, no more battery-powered alarm clocks that go off at 6:30 AM uncontrollably, we have smartphones for that and as such, we need to have the proper accessories needed to make our guests feel welcome.

Simple integrations are key to making any guest room feel convenient and accessible, so let’s start with various charging cables; we don’t discriminate here, some may have the latest iPhone, the newest Galaxy phone, or a general electronic tablet, having different charging ports and cables is a great way to give options; unless you go down the wireless charging dock route, which is much more sophisticated and convenient, some phones aren’t fully compatible with a wireless charging dock but it’s still a nice touch.

Make sure to also include some cleaning solutions and wipes for phones and tablets, we all love a clean and dust-free screen to swipe our fingers on. Side note, make sure to have a printout of the wifi password so your guests may have easy access to streaming and scrolling through the internet, who uses their LTE or 5G service anyways?


Southshore Fine Linens Towel Set

Everyday Essentials

In every guest room, we want our guests to have everyday household items handy, and what I mean by that is essentials, such as clean towels left by the bed or in a bathroom so that your guests know it’s theirs to use without needing to ask.

A covered waste bin is perfect for guests to keep their rooms tidy without any trash being left behind, as opposed to an open waste bin where it might be missed when thrown. Some tissue boxes along with some hand sanitizer bottles left either on a nightstand or bathroom sink are great ways for guests to practice good hygiene and to have some tissues handy for that random allergy burst; plus, there are so many box covers to add a touch of style and class to any guestroom. Don’t forget those toilet papers, and having some wet naps will make your guests feel extra cozy.


List of Channels and Apps Available 

We all love to plot on the bed and reach for that remote and although most TVs are pretty easy to utilize, with the age of streaming not only are there apps galore but there are many electronic tools and remotes that some may not be familiar with, so a printed list of channels and apps available would make any guest feel special and make their lives a little bit simpler when turning that TV on.



What do we do with our clothes when they’ve been worn over and over? We toss them in the hamper, right? So, every guestroom should have a hamper rather than have our guests throw their worn articles of clothing into their suitcase, which brings me to the next item needed for convenience and organization: drawers, perfect for guests to store their clothes, it’s just a little touch and yes, it matters.


Spare Key

If your guests will be coming in and out of your house, a spare key will make any guest feel comfortable and more trusting leaving and coming back. Do make sure to leave any instructions you feel will aid if there are any locks, codes, or alarms involved, and speaking of coming back from a night or day of fun-filled adventures, our guest's feet will probably be aching from so much walking, would it kill you to have some slippers for them to keep your house dirt-free? Yeah, I didn’t think so, and, popping them in a washer after they’ve left is a synch!



Refreshments are a must, who wants to wake up in the middle of the night and make a trip to the fridge when bottles of water or a carafe of water with some cups are made available?

Options are endless, the point is to make your guestroom accessible, not only to your guests but to yourself as well, it’s a secondary room that will be used, and making a checklist of needed items will make your life, and your guest’s lives, that much more convenient. What items would you have accessible in your guestroom?