The Vilano Springs Down Alternate Comforter: Instant Designer Bedroom

Vilano Springs Down Alternate Comforter

The Vilano Springs Down Alternate Comforter offers designer style and amazing practicality. You don’t need to spend a fortune on bedding. Here’s what the Vilano Springs down alternate comforter offers.


Ideal for Fashionable, Practical Bedroom

If you want to create a soft, fluffy, enticing bed as the focal point in your bedroom, you can’t go wrong with this comforter. It offers 18 colors to suit your tastes and décor, plus it’s extremely practical too. It uses mid-weight fill offering warmth in the cool months, but it’s also sufficiently light to use in the spring and summer. The baffle boxed stitching ensures the fill doesn't shift, and it is reversible too.

Busy households with children or teens will love this comforter. It makes it easy to keep bedrooms tidy, without the fuss.


With or Without Duvet Cover

If you love the convenience of a duvet cover, the Vilano Springs ticks this box too. It comes with corner tabs, so when it’s time to do laundry, remove the cover, and the bed still looks spectacular. Of course, you needn’t bother with any of that since the comforter offers a great finish with piped edging and crisp colors. It works well on its own, so use it as is, or skip the flat sheet and use a duvet cover.


Instant Designer Bedroom

It’s never been easier to create a designer bedroom quickly. Just choose your comforter color and then your bed sheets and bed skirt. No hunting for matching bedding - you can buy the entire line. Just add items to your bedding as needed, and voila - an instant designer bedroom. You’ll be happy to know that Southshore Fine Linens offers sheets to fit almost any mattress including standard, deep and extra-deep pocket sheets to fit thicker mattresses.


Classic Styling

The Vilano Springs down alternate comforter offers baffled box stitching used on expensive comforters. This design endures since it is so versatile and suits country classic, minimalistic, and casual stylings. You can also dress it up with crisp white or cream sheets for a high-end hotel finish.

Easy Care

Down comforters are notoriously difficult to clean. Not so with the Vilano Springs down alternate comforter. Just follow the laundering instructions and wash and dry it in your own washer and dryer. When handled properly, it does not shrink and lasts for years. It’s durable and resists fading.


Luxury Without Designer Prices 

If the prices of most luxury bedding make so cringe, take heart. You don’t need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on good quality bedding that looks great. When you buy many high-end brands, you’re not necessarily getting a better product. You’re paying for the prestige of their name. One set of sheets could set you back $400, whereas the entire Vilano Springs ensemble including the comforter, bed sheets, and bed skirt for under $70. It just doesn’t make sense to spend crazy amounts on bedding, when you can buy other products for much less, and they’re just as attractive, comfortable, and durable. And look at the One year Limited Warranty!  


Creating an attractive, comfortable designer bedroom is a breeze with the Vilano Springs down alternate comforter. It offers style, practicality, and a very reasonable price. You’re the only one who knows how much you pay for your bedding and your bedroom will look just as smart and stylish. Plus you change your décor at whim, instead of regretting the money you spent on last season’s designs and colors.