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Foundations of a Designer Bedroom: The Brickyard Collection Quilt Set

When you want to create a designer bedroom easily, you can’t go wrong with the Brickyard Collection Quilt Set. You can easily layer your bedding with this bedding ensemble for a fashionable bedroom and stunning focal point, with little fuss.



Yes, this is a play on words since this quilt set has a brick design, but this is also the core concept all designers preach. Start with the fundamentals and then build your bedroom “brick-by-brick”.

Southshore Fine Linens - Vilano - Brickyard Collection in Steel Blue (Teal) Color


Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, and your bedding is fundamental to its success. It deserves some pizzazz. If you’re not comfortable with prints, quilted patterns offer interest. They’re less likely to become dated and they’re easy to accessorize too. 


Versatile Styling

While flashy florals, plaids, and chevron prints might be fashionable today, you can bet they won’t be next season. What happens if you spend hundreds of dollars on a new quilt set and suddenly it’s no longer in vogue? Even if you’re not a home fashion aficionado, you’ll tire of gaudy prints quickly. If you want your bedroom to look great and stay looking great longer, plain bedding is a better choice.

This Brickyard Collection Quilt Set works well with minimalist modern, country classic, and even Boho if you accessorize it properly. The simple, clean lines leave your design possibilities open.


Consider Weight

Designers always discuss layering bedding, which means starting with your bed sheets, adding your quilt and shams, and finally your accessories such as decorative pillows and a bed throw. What they don’t talk about is the practicality of all these layers in a typical household. It’s great to have a warm bed in the cooler months, but what about in the spring and summer? Are you going have to buy a lighter quilt set, because your heavy one is just too warm? That just doesn’t make sense. Instead, buy a lightweight quilt set like the Brickyard and then add a warm blanket in the winter. It creates the soft, enticing feel you want, without the pressing weight of a heavy quilt. 

Designer Look, Without The Fuss

Many home décor articles claim natural fibers are ‘the’ only material for bedding, but they overlook a few things. First off, natural fiber bedding requires special care. You can’t just toss it in the washer and dryer or it will shrink or fade. Second, if you want that hotel finish like you see in the magazines, you’ll need to iron your bedding too, and who’s got time for that? Finally, claims that man made fibers don’t breathe simply aren’t true. They’re woven, so they breathe. They’re also more resistant to stains, wrinkles, dust mites, and more durable. If you live in a busy household and want your bedroom to look fantastic all the time, you’ll do better with these fabrics. The Brickyard Collection Quilt Set is reversible and the manufacturer guarantees quality with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


Fine Finish

Manmade fibers have come a very long way since nylon and polyester and rival or surpass their competitor’s weave, strength, and comfort. Even textile experts are hard-pressed todiscriminate between manmade and natural fibers today. The double-brushed finish of this quilt set rivals cotton sateen. Just follow the laundry instructions and even after many launderings, it will still look and feel as good as the day you bought it.




The Vilano line provides the foundations you need for a designer bed. Once you pick your quilt, choose bed sheets and a bed skirt to complete the look. It’s never been simpler to have the bedroom of your dreams - just start with the foundations and build.

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