The Best Plants For Your Bedroom

Quality air is essential to a happy and healthy life, not to mention a long one, and isn’t weird how it can affect one’s health when inside or outside your home? Pollen, airborne bacteria, black smoke emitting from giant pickup trucks are a few examples that could put a damper on your air quality, but did you know, simple items within your own home could have toxins to lessen your air quality?

From the paint on your walls to the furniture that is sitting in your living room, possibly gathering dust from lack of dusting; trust me, no judgment on my end, I get so lazy when it comes to anything involving cleaning a home, that’s why I hire a cleaning lady but that’s not what this article is about. Why am I mentioning air quality so much?

Plants, that’s why!

Plants have so many qualities to them that not only help with our everyday lives but can also brighten a room in so many ways, especially when pairing your plants with your furniture and most importantly, your luxury bedding.

Let’s get into some specifics about plants, not only do they provide air quality but they change our moods in a good way; our creativity is at an all-time high, our stress levels decrease, and they filter out pollutants that may be lingering in ones home, MANY wonderful and beneficial properties that will aid in one’s health; as many would say, “happy home, happy life”. 

Now, to some, or many, people just have plants on their bedside night table or a random shelf, and although plants do bring life to a room, the right bedding and colors can do so much to bring so much more into your bedroom, especially since it’s the room where you probably spend most of your life in, so why not take these tips to mix it up in your bedroom?



Philodendron Plant

Let’s see, there are a variety of plants that one could pick and choose from but let’s start with an all-time favorite, the Heart Leaf Philodendron; with its long heart-shaped leaves, this is a perfect plant to match with a very simple aesthetic of neutral and earth tones. Soft browns and beiges, and some deep blues with an additive of bright green plants? Sign me up! The Heart Leaf Philodendron has an array of different patterns and the vines are so long and beautifully decorated with its leaves, whether you have them hanging from a brown weaved basket, on a window sill, or a shelf, these plants have so much personality and will balance the tones of your room effortlessly. Also, these plants are harder to kill than to keep alive, but the rule of thumb is to keep the soil moist rather than soggy, and you can spritz the leaves with water and remove any dust with a cloth but other than that, these plants not only complement most bedroom aesthetics but are long-lasting to boot.


Parlor Palm Plant


White, white, white, a simple color yet so effective you make any of our green friends take the spotlight. A plant that’s a true showstopper is the Parlor Palm, which works in bedrooms with little to no light, too much light can harm these lovelies. Aside from that, an all-white color-inspired room will bring a lot of versatility when it comes to the Parlor Palm, and with its beautiful leaves sprouting outward, your room will have a lot of depth and the plant itself will make the room that much more vivacious.

 Money Tree on the Table


Go big or go home, the Money Tree is a beautiful addition to your home, this tree not only has a beautiful shape due to its twisted trunk but it is said to bring good luck to your finances; whether the legend is true or not, you can expect this tree to bring nothing but beauty… and maybe some luck, who knows? This tree is best in low lighting settings, indirect lighting is preferred, and can be watered every other week or so, now if only our bank accounts can be watered a bit for some growth. Another gorgeous giant to add volume and drama to the room are the Birds of Paradise, and although they aren’t the easiest to care for indoors it can be done with the right amount of T.L.C., which means tender, love, and care, for the youngins that don’t know. 


You may be wondering, “what about textiles”? Although some may think that pairing plants with textiles are somewhat tedious and an arduous task overall, it is very simple. Black and white are two incredibly popular colors that compliment each other very well and having any type of plant in your bedroom will have its green hues pop while blending in nicely with those textiles. A bold statement that most would think is cliché, ALL GREEN. There are so many types of greens one could decide on; rustic green, matted green, a tropical mural to bring further color, all the while accentuating your green friends and bringing in a whole new dynamic of color and texture that is both pleasing to the eye and the mind as well. 

 Southshore Fine Linens Grey Comforter Set with plants in the background


Aside from all the types of plants and colors that were given, it ultimately comes down to you to decide what works best for you and your bedroom aesthetic but know that there are many combinations of colors and plants that can be mixed and matched, allowing one to be as creative as possible when it comes to their green friends and bedroom colors. Not to mention the many beneficial qualities of having plants in your bedroom and the many wonderful qualities that plants offer when it comes to not only brightening up your room but changing your overall mood and physical reaction to a much more positive approach.