How To Store Bedding for Next Year

Now that the holiday season is over and it’s time to store away your holiday bedding, you might be wondering how and where to store it. Proper storage helps protect your bedding from unnecessary damage and can prolong its life. It’s especially important to learn how to store holiday bedding and take proper care of bedding that is a heirloom set passed down from previous generations.

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Your holiday bedding and garments are special. Get the most out of these beautiful linens by learning the tips and techniques for storing them properly for the year. From those bulky comforters to your cotton and linen sheets, we’ll help you store away your bedding once the holiday season is over. 

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Protect your holiday bedding with these proper storage techniques

Did you know light, humidity, and even the container you use to store your seasonal bedding can all impact its overall quality? Learning how to store bed linen is the best way to make sure your holiday bedding can last you season after season. Here are some must-knows about how to store bedding:

How to store bed comforters

Comforters can be bulky and difficult to store, especially if you don’t have the space to store them. Unlike bed linens, comforters are typically filled with down, whether it be synthetic or a mixture of bird feathers. Because of this, you want to make sure you don’t crush your comforter’s down in storage. 

An easy way to do this is by placing comforters flat on top of any sheet bedding you store away. Investing in a comforter storage bag can also be helpful for long-term storage solutions. Just make sure that these bags allow air to circulate. 

It can also help to fold fitted sheets and pillowcases that pair your comforter together. This way, you can keep the set intact and don’t have to look for different pieces when you pull out your bedding next season.

How to store bed sheets

Next up are your bed sheets and pillowcases. There are many techniques you can use when you first start learning how to store bed linen. The easiest way to store your bed sheets is by folding them and placing them in a linen closet. For long-term storage, tuck the holiday bedding in a part of the linen closet where you won’t come in contact with them as much. This keeps unnecessary dirt and dust from contacting the fabric itself.

As with a bed comforter, you can also use fabric storage totes to pack away your bed sheets. It’s best to use fabric storage containers that are dye-free and made out of cotton or linen fabric, not synthetic material. This ensures your bedding can stay fresh and free from discoloration or other issues, even for months of storage. Just be sure wherever you store them, keep the bedding away from direct sunlight to avoid discoloration. 

Finally, when you store your bed sheets, keep similar colors and sets together if possible.

How to store bedding decorations

Bedding decorations like decorative pillows and throw blankets can be difficult to store just because they’re bulky and often awkwardly shaped. If you can’t break down a decorative pillow, store it in a large tote with other pillows. An airtight tote works well, especially for textured throw blankets. Just make sure the pillows and blankets are not crushing each other and that you keep the storage tote out of direct sunlight. 

Use a vacuum-sealed bag

If you have special holiday bedding that you want to make sure stays protected, vacuum-sealed bags will help you do just that. Vacuum sealing your sheets ensures no dust or debris contaminates it. Comforters with organic down will also stay in pristine condition. If you do vacuum seal a comforter, make sure to keep some of the air in the bag so that the comforter doesn’t totally lose its volume. Vacuum sealing can also work well on quilts, linen, and other bed sheets with decorative accents like delicate embroidery or lace. 

Hang your delicate holiday bedding

If you have a delicate quilt, comforter, or linen set that you may be hesitant to vacuum seal or store away in a tote basket, hanging it and putting it in the far corner of your closet is an optimal solution. When you hang delicate bedding, you allow air to pass through, enabling it to maintain its structure even during long-term storage. 

Where is the best place to store bedding? 

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If you don’t have a linen closet, there are still plenty of places to store your comforter and bedding. We’ll cover how to store bedding in a closet and add a few options if you’re tight for space:

In a closet

If you have a linen closet, this can be a great place to store away your seasonal bedding. How you organize your linen closet will improve the quality of your linen during storage. For example, reserve the easy-to-reach middle shelves for everyday bedding you use often.  

The best place to store holiday bedding is on the top shelf, where it is out of the way from rummaging fingers. If you have a storage tote with decorative pillows, throw blankets, and other bedding accessories, storing the tote on the bottom shelf is ideal. 

Under the bed 

Use the space under your bed for storage by using some easy-to-pull-out plastic totes. You can also use an armoire or dresser to store bed linens; just be sure to use drawers either on the bottom or out of the way of everyday access.

Use bedding storage furniture

These days, you’ll find all types of inconspicuous bedding furniture options, like bedding storage ottomans, benches, and even decorative baskets. Ottomans and benches with built-in storage options can be a great way to conveniently pack your holiday bedding. They offer good climate control and are away from hands and objects that could cause accidental damage.

Your attic or basement 

If you have an attic or a basement, these can also be great places to store away your bedding. Be sure to put your holiday bedding in a fabric or plastic container to protect it from any would-be critters, humidity, or accidental spills. 

Avoid places like a garage or an outdoor shed to store your bedding. These areas are more susceptible to insects and environmental changes that could cause damage to your holiday bedding. 

Harness the power of the sun

When you remove your bedding from storage, give it a good airing by hanging it outside in direct sunlight. This is especially helpful if you wash your linen sheets or pillowcases once you take them out of storage; direct sunlight can refresh the bedding and kill any lingering odors and bacteria. 

With these simple storage tips, it’s easy to keep your holiday bedding cozy, clean, and ready for next year’s festivities. Say goodbye to funky odors and avoidable discoloration, and elevate your storage practices this season. 

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