Pure Melody Reversible Quilt Set

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Paisley isn’t a pattern that springs to mind when most people think about adding interest to their bedroom, and that’s a shame. It’s a classic style with roots in ancient Babylon and it endures today with good reason. It adds interest, without resorting to garish plaids, florals, stripes, or chevron prints.

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The best thing about choosing the signature teardrop design is it is much more approachable than most other prints. If you’re new to using patterns, it’s versatile and doesn’t overwhelm the room. It offers an easy way to create a stunning focal point, essential to any designer bedroom. 


Clean, Classic or Boho

image 3Minimalist bedrooms often rely on plain bedding, but that’s boring. Why not add some pizzazz and still retain a classic, clean look? When you choose a paisley print in a muted color like that found in the Pure Melody Reversible Quilt Set and keep your room colors neutral, it’s an instant winner.

Alternatively, if you love the chaos of Boho, you’ll be happy to know paisley was the prized pattern of the psychedelic sixties and it’s the ideal starting point if you want to include pattern. Just add piles of decorative pillows and a bed throw and you’re well on your way.

Designer Finish in a Flash

Choose a muted aqua, black, or green quilt. The double-brushed material provides a soft, sensuous feel perfect for any bedroom. You needn’t worry about which side is up, since the quilt’s reversible and the smooth, rounded corners make the quilt look much more expensive than it actually is.

Then add crisp white, grey, or black bed sheets or a matching pattern and a bed skirt. You now have a well-made bed. Just add decorative pillows and a bed throw to create your signature look.


Quilted to Last

Not all quilts are created equal. You’ll want one with generous stitching to hold the fill in place. Otherwise, it will shift when you launder it and you’ll end up with a lumpy quilt.image 4 

Don’t choose a heavy quilt either. You’ll have to take it off the bed in the spring and summer. It’s much easier to use a lightweight quilt like the Pure Melody, and then add a blanket during the cooler months.  



No Fuss Cleaning

  If you lead a busy life like most people do you don’t have time to fuss with your bedding. You want to be able to throw it in the washer and dryer and have it come out looking like it did when you bought it. This isn’t the case with many quilts. Some require dry cleaning or hours and hours of drying. Not so with the Pure Melody Reversible Quilt Set. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions and you’ll be able to wash and dry your quilt as easily as your clothing without it ever shrinking.


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Designer Look Without The Price Tag

Undoubtedly, the best thing about this quilt set is the price. Buy the quilt and shams, bed sheets, and bed skirt for less than $70. The quilt set comes with a one-year warranty too.

If you tire of your décor and want a new look, you won’t lament the money you spent on bedding. Just buy a new set and sleep worry-free.


Don’t spend a bundle on designer bedding. The Pure Melody Reversible Quilt Set has it all, at a very reasonable price. Create your perfect paisley bedroom without the hefty prices you’ll see elsewhere. And how about a one year Limited warranty!  

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