Production Spotlight – Meet Our Paisley Prints

The paisley print has been around since 16th century Persia, and yet it endures. There’s something enticing about this teardrop shaped-motif that draws people to again and again.

It once decorated royal garments and is said to have hidden messages and mysterious symbolism. It traveled from East to West and became popularized by The Beatles, bandanas, and Boho.

Boho Revival Offers More Choices 

Let’s face it, garish Boho prints of the past don’t suit most people’s lifestyle today. Luckily, things have changed and you have more choices.

Paisley remains a primary pattern in the revival of the arty Bohemian style, because of its creative design. However, the organic motif has taken on a new life and it’s evolved into something even better.

It still retains its complexity and depth, but the new interpretations include soft, contemporary colors, simplified designs, and ultra-soft easy-care fabrics.

Contemporary Color Selection

Southshore Fine Linens has released a new line of paisley prints for your modern lifestyle and tastes. They feature henna-inspired designers in gentle tones of enticing colors such as coral, dusty blue, soft grey, aqua, taupe, and mixed hues.

Our production team listened when consumers said they wanted less gaudy patterns too. Many of the new designs feature either one or two colors on a solid background.

Infinity Duvet Cover Set in Aqua by Southshore Fine Linens

Simpler & Blended Designs

The line work in the new line is less complicated too. You’ll enjoy the essence of the design without the overpoweringly complicated detail.

The Infinity collection offers the latest design sensation: blending paisley with geometrics for a warm, but edgy style. The light background works well in any bedroom and the design echoes of the East, without the extreme design intricacies. The classic paisley teardrop pattern has given way to organic florals and patterns you might see on a Persian tile.

Materials for Modern Living

Few of us have the time or the inkling to hand wash and line dry jute, linen, or silk. We live busy lives and we want easy-care bedding that is made to last.

Once again, our production team listened. The new paisley prints feature machine washable and dryable fabrics. They are resistant to wrinkling, shrinking, staining, and fading and they’re ultra-soft.

These fabrics are also incredibly durable. Handled correctly, they’ll last for years and look as good as the day you bought them.

Prices You Can’t Beat

On top of the great designs, colors, and fabrics, Southshore Fine Linens also offers prices you’ll be hard-pressed to beat elsewhere.

Good quality bedding doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We’re a direct-to-consumer company and we cut out the middleman so you save.

Every paisley print product we sell costs less than $40, and some cost substantially less. Comforters, duvet covers, and quilts are usually reversible and come complete with pillow shams.

We’re an American company and we offer top-notch customer service. Take a look at our paisley prints for the latest bedroom style at the most affordable prices. We offer quality for less.