Modern Bedroom Decorating Tips

The timeless principles of modern Bauhaus design still hold up today. It offers simplicity, clean lines, and room to breathe in a bedroom. Here’s how you can introduce it to your bedroom easily.

Focus on Functionality

Modernism was a reaction to the heavily ornamented designs of the early 1900’s. As a result, antiques, traditional furniture, and other ornate pieces are best kept as accents in a modern bedroom, if you want to include them at all.

Most furniture sold today is modern design. Scandinavian, Mid-Century Modern, and Art Deco pieces also work well in a modern bedroom, because they’re simple and clean.

Finally, leave plenty of open space in your bedroom around your furnishings. Open space is an essential component of this look, so don’t cram your bedroom full of furniture.

Primarily Neutral Palette

A modern color scheme is primarily neutral, with small touches of color tossed about the room. Choose from brown, cream, taupe, black, gray, and white as seen in this Southshore Duvet Cover Set. Dressing your bed in a neutral color sets the stage for the room. Now it’s time to add splashes of color for interest.


Bright Accents

A modern bedroom doesn’t need to be a boring room full of dullness. Add splashes of color in your accessories, or choose a striking bedsheet set like this modern foliage-printed line.

Geometrics are also ideal in a modern bedroom. The clean lines adhere to Bauhaus principles, but add the visual interest and colorful accent needed in a primarily monochromatic bedroom.


Polished Surfaces

Modern bedrooms can include natural materials like wood, but the surfaces are usually polished. Chrome-finished lamps and accessories, shiny molded plastic, and metal in curvilinear, stylish shapes work well in modern design.

Thrift stores and online retailers offer great finds at very reasonable prices. Choose pieces based on their form and finish, but don’t clutter the room.

Open & Airy 

We mentioned it is important to leave space around your furnishings, but you must also minimize clutter. Knickknacks, oodles of collectibles, and chaos are the enemy in a modern bedroom.

Instead, add a piece of large art to your wall and highlight it with a spotlight. Store away books, clothing, and photo galleries. If you want to include photography, make it a big, striking, and black and white.

A dresser with legs, a single statement light fixture, or a large shaggy rug can add interest without cluttering the bedroom. Keep lines simple and always maintain space in the room.


Southshore Fine Linens offers many quality bedsheet, quilt, and duvet cover sets that make it easy to create a modern bedroom you love. With prices so affordable, you can afford to switch up your bedding and refresh your modern bedroom often.

Modern bedrooms shouldn’t bore you. Create a modern bedroom that looks like it came straight out of the pages of a design publication, without straining your pocketbook. Only you need to know how much you paid for your amazing