How To Pick The Right Bed Sheets Based On The Way You Sleep

What is sleep? Well, as many would agree, it is the needed recharge any living being requires to function for the following day or week. I think we can all agree when I say that there are many more factors that are put into play when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep; “It’s too cold”, “I’m burning up”, not to mention that nagging feeling of having to check our phones to explore saved internet tabs, or just to scroll through social media until we knock out.

Well, did you know, aside from those aforementioned examples contributing to your sleep, your bed sheets play just as big a role in having that needed rest you crave? Yes, your bed sheets can determine how restful your body will feel, not to mention the functionalities of the materials that will aid in a snooze-filled night.

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I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “Well where do I begin? I thought I was fine with any bed sheet from any store.” Well, yes and no, you COULD buy yourself any bed sheet but what matters is quality over quantity; how many times could one wash bed sheets before they lose their intended function? Will it be too stiff? Will it cool when I’m feeling warm? Will I enjoy the material on my skin?

Questions upon questions and let me tell you, although it may seem somewhat exasperating researching the right pieces needed for a good sleep, I have the answers and suggestions you are looking for.

What Is Microfiber?

To put it simply, they’re affordable and rather durable compared to traditional polyester sheets, and when washing they tend to retain their form because of their synthetic fabric. Now, another material you might be familiar with is cotton, and you’d have to be living under a rock to not know that but I digress; cotton is a natural fiber and is very versatile but given how the cotton itself is harvested will determine how it might feel, whether it be soft or stiff, or how long the material will last in terms of durability. 

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You may ask, “What does this have to do with me?” and the answer to that is everything.

Let’s start with you sleeping in a cold setting; it’s a winter night in your New York City loft apartment, it’s below 20 degrees, and your heater is out, what do you do? Well for one I hope you paid that bill but let’s focus on that cold apartment, the solution to this wintery dilemma is our Cotton Sateen Sheets.

What Is Cotton Sateen?

Snuggly, incredibly soft, and insulating, these bed sheets are perfect to keep yourself warm and toasty during those cold nights, not to mention these particular sheets will not trap any heat nor cause those sweaty nights to occur, who wants to wake up in a pool of their sweat? Not me! The cotton sateen sets offer a smooth feel so appealing to the touch it’ll make you feel as luxurious as The Queen herself in Buckingham Palace, or at least something close to that but let’s dream a little. The point is, the feel and touch will keep the warmth in and the cold out, and will last all year round, ain’t that a keeper? I think so!

What Is Cotton Percale?

I personally like this one due to how aesthetically pleasing it is. Percale has a matte finish and it’s soft to the touch, not to mention how long-lasting it is with everyday use.

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This particular material is the complete opposite of our Cotton Sateen, meaning that during those hot summer days and nights, the Cotton Percale sheets will keep you cool and cozy, meaning the material is way more breathable and suited for those scorching nights, allowing better airflow.

I will say, this type of material is prone to wrinkling but nothing a good toss in the dryer can’t fix to remove those annoying curves. Keep in mind, the lower the thread count of percale sheets the stiffer they will feel so always pay attention to that thread count, for it will make a difference.

What Is Viscose Bamboo?

Cellulose from bamboo, meaning that the sheets are a rayon fabric that is derived from the bamboo plant. Now that you know a bit about bamboo, let’s dive right into our Bamboo Viscose sheets, one of the strongest and most durable bed sheets that we offer to our customers! Bamboo is superior to cotton, keeping its shape, strength, and durability if maintained and cared for properly, and it’s so soft to the touch, it feels like your body is being snuggled by a cloud.

viscose by bamboo sheets in bone on a bed southshore fine linens

Remember how I mentioned quality over quantity? That statement also applies to the thread count of your sheets and although most believe the higher the thread count of your sheets equates to luxurious quality, that may not always be the case.

Take into account the ply, the numbers of fibers twisted into a single thread, and less is better; the finer length determines the durability of the sheets, meaning the shorter the fibers the less durable the material is, which exposes the material to wrinkling, but the longer the fibers are, the smoother and stronger the fabric will be.

Weaving is a factor when it comes to the property of the sheets; an example would be our Percale  sheets  being breathable, while our Sateen sheets are heavier in material, for those who love sleeping cold. When picking your sheets make sure to keep these things in mind, it’ll definitely aid you in finding the best sheets for your sleep.

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Now that we’ve covered our line of products, how does this play into your sleeping schedule?

The quality of your sheets can ultimately determine how your sleeping will go, and because we live in such turbulent times it’s best to find the right products and materials that will help facilitate that sleep. Our bodies expend heat at night and it’s best to find sheets that will not trap the heat; washing your sheets regularly will help with your sleeping habits and give you a clean sleep environment for healthy rest and your overall well-being. For more information feel free to visit our website for all of the products and colors we offer, to help diversify your home and your sleep schedule.